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Intramural Sports

The Student Center offers intramural sports leagues including indoor soccer, basketball and volleyball. All leagues are co-ed and registration is on a first come, first served basis. Individuals or teams interested in competing in any of the OHSU intramural leagues must complete the online registration form  and all participants must comply with OHSU's and the Intramural Sports Standard of Conduct.

Leagues are conducted three times per year with regular seasons lasting six to seven weeks.  Playoffs are conducted the week following regular league play. The winning teams will receive intramural league championship T-shirts and a pizza party.

The Standard of Conduct shall serve as a guideline for how individuals are expected to behave when participating in intramural sports at the OHSU Student Center. Participants assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with OHSU's Code of Conduct. Those who choose to participate in intramural sports indicate, he or she agrees to represent his or her team and the OHSU Student Center in a way that does not detract from the reputation of the institution, and to act morally and display sportsmanship-like behavior, before, during and after any competition.  Guidelines of conduct include, but are not limited to the examples outlined below:

Captains' & Free Agents' Responsibilities:

Free Agents should designate a captain. All captains assume leadership roles in the organization and administration of their teams, and are responsible for the items listed below.

  • Knowledge of sport-specific rules, as well as general rules and regulations that govern the intramural program, such as eligibility and forfeitures;
  • Communication with team members regarding rules and regulations as well as other league related materials, such as schedules;
  • Captains are the only players who may interact with game officials;
  • Controlling the behavior of spectators directly related to their team.  Spectators are subject to the policies and regulations of the Student Center intramural sports leagues;
  • Be a team leader.  Captains are accountable for the conduct of themselves, their team members, and their spectators. They must deal appropriately with team members who do not respect the rules and regulations.  Failure to do so may result in the offending player and the captain being suspended or losing privileges at the Student Center.

Participants Shall Not:

  • Strike, attempt to strike or otherwise physically abuse any individual;
  • Intentionally engage in or incite participants and/or spectators to engage in abusive or violent conduct;
  • Use verbal or non-verbal profanity, disrespectful language, obscene gestures or behavior;
  • Violate any rules or Standard of Conduct of the Student Center intramural program and the OHSU Code of Conduct.

Violation of the Standard of Conduct Will Result in:

  • Suspension from the game/match;
  • Suspension from the playoffs;
  • Ejection from the league;
  • Forfeiture of games/matches won and possible team elimination from current and future intramural sports leagues;
  • Notification to University officials or Deans for any violation of the OHSU Code of Conduct and Standard of Conduct by an individual or team;
  • Suspension of league play for 1 week - up to 1 year depending on severity of violation.

I hereby agree, and the team collectively agrees, to abide by the Code of Conduct and the Standard of Conduct set forth above and acknowledge:

  1. I have read all of the Intramural guidelines in regard to team and individual eligibility, and;
  2. Should I violate any code/standard of conduct set forth above, I may be subject to disciplinary actions as set forth in this document, including, but not limited to: notification of such violation to university officials/Deans; payment of fines, penalties and monetary damages arising from, or caused by, my conduct while attending and/or participating in intramural sports; possible expulsion from the Student Center and/or Student Center Intramural Programs.

*By reading the above statements you acknowledge that you understand and will abide by the OHSU Code of Conduct and the Intramural Sports Standard of Conduct.

Mondays - Soccer

Tuesdays - Competitive Basketball

Wednesdays - Volleyball

Thursday - Recreational Basketball

OHSU Student Center Intramurals are only open to:

  • Current OHSU students
  • Current GME residents and fellows
  • Current OHSU and GME resident and fellow spouse/partner 
  • Current OHSU employees who are Student Center payroll deduction members

Individuals who need to pay to play - with access only on the night of the chosen sport - include:

  • Current OHSU student & GME resident and fellow spouse/partner (verification required): $55/sport (per person) or $295/sport (per team)              
  • Current OHSU employees who are Student Center access card holders: $55/sport (per person) or $295/sport (per team)

The Student Center accepts payments made in person, only by cash or credit card/visa (American Express not accepted).  

Each paid player must sign up for an access card and pay the applicable fee(s). Please check in with your access card at the front desk when entering the Center

Questions? Email Clayton Winnie.

League rules

Eligible players

  • All players must check in at the front desk;
  • All players must be listed on the roster to play;
  • Rosters are finalized after weeks 2 of league play;
  • You can only play for one team on the same night unless the opposing team agrees in order to avoid a forfeit;
  • Substitute players not on the team roster are prohibited;
  • Once rosters are finalized, no one can be added to the team;
  • The only exception is that additional players can be added to a team if first authorized by the opposing team and the intramural coordinator;
  • If a team doesn't have enough people to play, it's considered a forfeit;
  • Additional players cannot be added to replace an injured player;
  • Additional players cannot be added for playoffs and/or championship games;
  • All captains and free agents must read the intramural sports league's Standards of Conduct to participate in the league.

Ineligible players

  • Anyone without a valid student ID or access card;
  • Anyone not listed on the final roster;
  • Anyone under the age of 18;
  • A player playing for more than one team on the same night.

Penalties for using ineligible players

  • If a player is playing for more than one team without permission, the second team using the player will forfeit any wins;
  • If a team is found to be using an ineligible player, the team will receive an automatic forfeit on the first offense and removal from the league for the second offense.

Equipment and clothing

  • The Student Center will provide all equipment. Please do not bring your own. If you do, the Student Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items;
  • Street clothes (i.e. jeans, button shirts, hard-soled shoes or shoes that will leave marks on the floor) may not be worn;
  • Jewelry is prohibited. If it can't be removed, it must be covered with athletic tape to protect other players from injury.

Guests of players

  • Guests must check in with staff at the front desk upon their arrival;
  • Guests must stay in the gym area and not permitted to use Student Center equipment or amenities;
  • Guests are expected to follow the same standard of conduct as players and are subject to the policies and regulations stated in the intramural sports league's Standards of Conduct.

Timing regulations

  • Games are to begin at their scheduled start time. Additional players may be added to the score sheet and enter the game as long as they are on the original roster.


  • Teams are allowed 10 minutes (with running clock) past the start time to produce all players or the game is considered a forfeit;
  • A team may start and compete with as few as four players. (Soccer can start with one female player but a second must show up by the 10-minute mark.);
  • In order to claim a forfeit, the opposing team must have the correct number of players present and ready to play at game time;
  • If neither team is able to field the correct number of players, a double forfeit will be declared;
  • If a contest is discontinued due to unsportsmanlike conduct, the offending team will receive a forfeit;
  • Two or more forfeits eliminates a team from playoffs.  The team will be allowed to finish out the rest of the regular season unless the forfeiture is due to unsportsmanlike conduct.


  • No consideration will be given to any protest involving a judgment call by an official;
  • Legitimate protests involve rule interpretation and player eligibility and can be discussed with the intramural coordinator.

Playoffs: Single elimination playoffs

  • The top four seeded teams will participate in playoffs;
  • Forfeits and unsportsmanlike conduct will affect a team's advancement to playoffs.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

  • Team captains and free agents are responsible for the conduct of themselves and their team players and spectators;
  • Inappropriate conduct (profanity, taunting, fighting) by a team member or spectator toward opponents, officials, intramural staff or other spectators will not be tolerated and will result in game or league suspension and could result in the lost of Student Center privileges.

Timing regulations

  • Games will be two 20-minute halves with a running clock. The clock only stops during a time out (30 seconds) or for an injury timeout;
  • If the score is within 10 points in the last two minutes of the second half, the clock will be stopped for all calls except after a basket;
  • Half time is one minute in length.


  • If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, a three-minute overtime period will be played;
  • If a second overtime is necessary a second three-minute overtime period will be played;
  • If a third overtime is necessary, a third three-minute overtime period will be played and the team scoring first wins;
  • The clock will run continuously until the last minute of the overtime period when it will stop for all fouls, violations and timeouts;
  • Each team is given one timeout per overtime period.

Time outs

  • Each team is allowed two timeouts per game.  Each timeout is one-minute in length;
  • Time outs not used in regulation play will not carryover to overtime.


  • A substitution may be made when the ball is dead;
  • A substitute should check in at the scorer's table and wait to be called in by the official;
  • If a substitute reports to enter for a free throw shooter, the substitute may not enter until the second shot is attempted or the ball is dead and the official beckons the sub;
  • A substitute may replace an injured player or to attempt a technical-foul free throw;
  • It is not permissible for a substitute to replace a free throw shooter when the free throw is for a personal foul, unless the shooter is disqualified or injured.

Fouls and penalties

  • Any player charged with a fifth personal foul is disqualified from the game;
  • Upon being charged with a seventh team foul, the opposing team will shoot the one-and-one bonus free throw;
  • Upon being charged with a tenth team foul, the opposing team will shoot a double bonus (two shots);
  • Two free throws will be attempted for flagrant fouls and technical fouls.  The offended team receives possession of the ball after the free throws have been attempted;
  • Flagrant and technical fouls may result in an ejection from the game depending upon severity; decision will be left to the officials and intramural coordinator.

United States Volleyball Association rules shall govern all volleyball games played at the Student Center, except where special intramural rules apply. Captains and free agents are responsible for knowing the USVA rules.

  • A match consists of the best two out of three games to 25 points (third game is 15 pts), or 55 minutes whichever comes first. A two-point advantage is necessary to win a game with a cap at 27 and 17 respectively;
  • If at the end of 55 minutes a game is still in progress, the team to first gain a two- point advantage will be declared the winner;
  • Rally scoring - standard method of scoring in volleyball - gives the point and serve to the team who won the rally, regardless of which team served the ball.


Six eligible players (minimum of four players) need to begin and complete a game. Although this is a co-ed league, both genders are not required to be on the court to play an official game.


  • The home team will serve first (The home team is listed first on schedule);
  • Server can serve from anywhere behind the end line;
  • Server cannot cross the end line until after contact with the ball;
  • The ball may be served underhand, sidearm or overhand;
  • The server must wait for a whistle/score call from the referee before serving; failure to do so will result in a warning the first time; a "side-out" the second time;
  • The ball must be clearly visible to opponents before serve;
  • Served ball may graze the net and drop to the other side for a point;
  • Serve must be returned by a bump or set; it cannot be blocked or attacked;
  • "Side-out" is declared when a served ball hits the lights, ceiling, basketball hoop or any other object out of the playing area.


  • Rotation shall be in a clock-wise motion with each player rotating out in order to give all players the opportunity to play each position.
Volleyball player rotation diagram
Volleyball rotation diagram

Time outs

  • One 30-second time out is permitted each match;  
  • Time out will be called by the captain only; free agent teams designate a captain for each game;
  • Time out will be called while the ball is dead;
  • Extra time is allotted for injuries;
  • Injuries do not count as time-outs unless a substitute is not immediately ready to come into the game.


  • May only be made when the ball is dead;
  • Must be made into the serving position except in the case of an injury where the substitute may replace the injured individual.

Legal play

  • The ball must pass between or over the side boundary lines;
  • It is permissible to run out of bounds to play a ball. However, if the player contacts any part of the net or cable the ball will be considered out of bounds;
  • If two players contact the ball simultaneously, it counts as one hit, and either player may play the ball again;
  • A player may play the ball twice during a volley, but not twice in succession, unless played directly off a legal block;
  • It is legal to contact the ball with any part of the body above the waist as long as the ball rebounds immediately and does not "come to rest" against the body;
  • When a ball touches the boundary line, it is considered good.

Ball in play, dead ball, and play over

Starting of the game:

  • At the start of a game, or following a "dead ball," the referee will signal readiness to play by blowing his/her whistle and giving a visible sign.

A served ball is dead if it:

  • Touches the floor of the serving team's court or the teammate of the server;
  • Passes under the net;
  • Touches the ceiling, any obstructions or objects before contacting an opponent, or the floor of the opponent's court;
  • Lands out of bounds.


A served ball will be replayed when:

  • Any object enters the court or there is interference with play;
  • A player serves the ball before the official's whistle signals for service (Note: after one replay per team, per match, a side out will be called);
  • A player is injured;
  • A double foul occurs;
  • A simultaneously held ball above the net;
  • Position of player - a player will not serve out of turn. When the ball is declared dead, the official may call an out-of-turn service and points are canceled and side out declared;
  • After the ball is contacted for serve, the players may move from their respective positions;

Net play

  • A player may not make contact with the white tape on the top of the net. This will be the only net violation;
  • Touching the mid-line area with a foot or feet is not a fault providing that he/she does not interfere with the play of an opponent;
  • A ball may be played from the net;
  • When only part of a ball crosses the net and is then contacted by an opponent it is considered as having crossed the net;
  • The player will not make successive contacts of the ball. The handling of the spike will have to be accomplished with the same control and allowances as any other ball;
  • A block or multiple blocks do not count as the first of the three contacts allowed before the ball must be delivered to the opponent;
  • Simultaneous contacts of the ball by teammates (other than blockers) are considered one play and either player involved may participate in the next play.

FIFA futsal rules apply to soccer leagues conducted at the Student Center. The following exceptions apply:


  • All free kicks are direct, including kick-off;
  • On kick-offs, ball may be played forward or backward;
  • When a free kick is being taken, the defending team must be at least 10 feet from the ball;
  • All free kicks on the offensive end (except kick-offs &kicks within a team's own penalty arc) must be taken by a woman. Infringement will result in a change of possession.


  • NO off-sides.


  • Street clothes and shoes are prohibited;
  • Shin guards are MANDATORY for all players and the shin guards must be COMPLETELY COVERED, NO EXCEPTIONS!;
  • All players must wear indoor shoes (flats) or sneakers – MOLDED CLEATS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.


  • Free substitution on the fly;
  • Player must be off the field before substitute comes in;
  • Infringement will result in a 2-minute penalty.

Game Clock

Games are on a running clock with a one (2) minute half-time.

  • Game clock will NOT stop for any reason other than a serious injury;
  • Game clock will start at scheduled time –NO EXCEPTIONS;
  • All games will be 2 x 22 minute halves.


  • All teams will consist of 4 players (2 women on the field at all times) plus a goalkeeper. Goalkeeper can be either gender;
  • There may be more than two (2) women on the floor at any one time, but never may there be more than two (2) men on the floor at any one time, this excludes the goal keeper;
  • Minimum number of players to start a game is four (4) including at least one woman and a goalkeeper. A team with an insufficient number of players after 10 minutes from the scheduled start time will forfeit the game.


  • If a team at any time during the game has a four (4) goal lead, losing team has the option to add an additional player.

    Three (3) goal limit for all male players per game.


  • Slide tackling is strictly prohibited;
  • Anytime a ceiling light is hit unless it is deflected off another object;
  • The goalkeeper may retain possession of the ball with his/her hands for a maximum of five (5) seconds;
  • Bouncing the ball is prohibited;infringement will result in a free kick at the top of the penalty arc for the opposing team;
  • All fouls awarded inside the penalty arc will be taken form the top of the arc;
  • A breakaway foul will result in a two (2) minute penalty for the person committing the foul and a 1 vs. 1 with the goalkeeper. All players except goalkeeper and opposing forward must be at half field line. Ball is placed on the dot at red line and play resumes when referee blows whistle (similar to hockey);
  • All penalties (issuance of a blue card) charged to a goalkeeper must be served by the goalkeeper or a male. A goalkeeper must serve his/her own time when cautioned (issuance of yellow or red card);
  • MENACING FOUL: If the referee feels that a player, through action, words, threatens, intimidates or places in jeopardy a member of the opposing team, a free kick shall be awarded, and, if warranted a two (2) minute penalty given.

Out of play

  • A ball that strikes the side of the netting or leaves the playing area will result in a free kick on the white line where the stoppage of play occurred;
  • A ball that strikes netting between the corner mars, having last been touched by defensive team, will result in a corner kick;
  • A ball that strikes netting between the corner marks, having last been touched by offensive team, will result in the goalkeeper THROWING the ball directly into play;
  • A ball that strikes the top of netting will result in a free kick anywhere along the nearest red line.


  • Players receiving one (1) YELLOW and two (2) BLUE cards in a single game will receive a RED card;
  • Players receiving a RED card will be required to leave the facility and will serve a minimum one (1) game suspension;
  • Players receiving two (2) RED cards in a single season will sit out the remainder of the season and will not be allowed to play in the following season.

Tiebreaker Procedure

  • In case of a tie game, a five (5) minute Golden Goal overtime will be played. If the score is still tied after five (5) minutes, five players from each team (alternating gender) will take a penalty kick. Tiebreakers only occur during playoff games not during the regular season do to time constraints.