Education at OHSU

Staff Resources

OHSU Academic Program Data

A set of reports is available to OHSU academic staff and faculty providing academic data for common operational and reporting purposes. To access a report, you must have an OHSU Network ID and electronic permissions to the data in that specific report.

  • Open the ACADEMIC REPORTS folder in COGNOS.
  • Select the report and follow the prompts.
  • The results will automatically download to your computer in MS Excel format.

For access to COGNOS, contact your supervisor to discuss whether COGNOS access is appropriate for your position. If approved by your supervisor, submit the ACAD Access Form.

For aggregate information about OHSU students, enrollment, and academic programs, visit the Statistics & Policy page.

Petitions and Exceptions

Petitions for Exception to University Policy must be submitted to the registrar by the approved administrative leader. Administrators should use the petition template to format the request. Students must work with their program staff to initiate the petition process.

Petition for Exception to University Policy template

The Action Approval Matrix details student records actions that require exceptions and the necessary approvals.

Action Approval Matrix for Academic Records