Get It For Me Service

OHSU Library's Get It For Me service is the combination of services also known as document delivery and interlibrary loan. The service provides OHSU members with no-cost access to materials owned and not owned by the OHSU Library.

OHSU Users:

  • To view current requests, log into your My Library Account. *
  • To make a new request, go to Library Search. If you can’t find  the item you are looking for, click the “Send a custom request” link.
  • If you already have citation information, you can use our citation search tool to find access or link directly to a request form.

*Note: We have switched our internal requesting software. If you still have pending requests that were submitted prior to 10/26/22, you can still log into your previous account to retrieve them.

Non-OHSU Users: please visit the Document Delivery for Non-OHSU Users page for document delivery requesting services.

Who can use the service?
Get It For Me is a service provided at no charge to OHSU credentialed (network account) users (faculty, residents, staff, emeritus and students). 

I am OHSU-credentialed but my official campus is not located in Portland:
Regardless of your location, you may use the Get It For Me service link to make requests.

Physical materials, whether borrowed from other libraries or from the OHSU collection, are mailed free of charge.  A prepaid return mailing label is also provided.  Users are responsible for any items lost or damaged in the mail.

I’m an alum of OHSU, do I get access to this free service?
As an alum, though you do not have access to this free service, OHSU Library offers other resource sharing services to our community users. We offer a fee-based document delivery service to all non-OHSU users. Current Oregon-licensed health providers, including MDs and DOs, may also be eligible for additional services.

Can I request articles even though I am not part of the OHSU community?
OHSU offers a fee-based document delivery service for Non-OHSU users.

What can I request?
You can request most material, including theses and dissertations. Unfortunately, we cannot borrow e-books from other libraries but if that is your preferred format, please use the Library’s suggest a purchase form and request that the item be added to the Library’s collection. We also do not fill requests for textbooks or popular fiction, DVDs and CDs. Please use the catalog’s OHSU+NW Academic Libraries (Summit) search option to obtain those items through our Summit service.

What happens if I lose or damage a borrowed item?
If an item is damaged or lost while in your care (including returns by mail), you are responsible for any fines or replacement costs issued by the lending library.

Do I have to enter each request manually?
While a separate request must be made for each item you need, if you are using a database like PubMed or Scopus to search for citations, look for the link resolver ‘Find It @OHSU Library’ button at the top right of your screen. The link resolver 'talks' to our catalog and if it determines that we don't own what you are looking for, you can click on the ‘Request via Get It For Me service’ link at the bottom of the catalog record and a request will auto-populate for you.

How much does it cost?
Get It For Me service is provided at no cost to OHSU faculty, residents, staff, emeritus and students.

How long does it take to receive items?
PDFs typically arrive within 24 hours but some may take longer.  Physical items typically arrive within 1-3 weeks depending on availability. If rush service is needed, please send an email to after submitting your request.

How will my article arrive?
We provide all article requests as electronic PDFs.  You will sign into your My Library Account
, and select the Request tab or window to download your PDF.

How long is my requested PDF available for viewing?
PDFs will be accessible from your account for approximately 30 days.  After this time they will be deleted from our server and cannot be retrieved. Please download or save the PDF to your device prior to the 30 days.

How long can I keep physical items?
Loan periods vary; see the book strap on the front of your item for the due date.  Typical checkout periods are 2-4 weeks with one 2-4 week renewal. If you need a book for longer than a given due date, make a new request for the item and we will obtain it from a different library. 

Where do my requested items come from?
Your requests are fulfilled either from our print collection and then scanned into PDFs, or from libraries around the world in the form of physical materials or electronic PDFs.

Where do I pick up incoming physical materials?
You will receive a notification email with information about various pickup options.  Contact us if none of the listed options work for you. Please be aware that users are responsible for any items lost or damaged in the mail.

Where is my PDF?
If a ‘File not found’ message pops up after you were notified that a requested PDF is available, this indicates that the PDF has not been fully uploaded to the local server.  It does not mean that the requested item is not obtainable. Please wait up to 10 minutes for your PDF to fully upload to the server. If after this time your PDF is still unavailable, please contact us.

Additional questions? Contact us.