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Accreditation is a process of validation in which colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning are evaluated. Accreditation is a measure of quality and a demonstration of OHSU's commitment to continuous improvement. A successful evaluation is important for ensuring OHSU can continue offering the specialized programs it's known for, federal financial aid for students and a desirable place for students to transfer to.

OHSU maintains continuous accreditation by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The standards for accreditation are set by a peer review board whose members include faculty from various accredited colleges and universities. See OHSU's specialized accreditations by program.

OHSU is evaluated by the NWCCU at several points over a seven-year period:

Year One Self-Evaluation Report (2016)

  • Report addresses Mission and Core Themes
  • No visit by reviewers

Year One Self-Evaluation Report

Mid-Cycle Report and Addendum (2018)

  • Submitted in year three
  • Self-Evaluation Report focuses on how OHSU assesses student learning
  • Reviewers visit OHSU
  • Purpose is to determine readiness for Year Seven

Mid-Cycle Report

Mid-Cycle Report Addendum

Year Six Self-evaluation Report (2021)

  • Report addresses Policies, Regulations, and Financial Review
  • Confirmation of Eligibility Requirements
  • Commission review without a site visit
  • Submitted September 15, 2021

Year Six Policies, Regulations and Financial Review Report - Please note, this report contains links to other documents. Ensure you download this file and open in a non-browser PDF viewer for full functionality.

Year Six Appendix 

Year Six Supplemental Information Standard 2.G.2 

Year Seven Self-evaluation Report (2022)

  • OHSU submitted its self-study report that includes content and supporting documentation that examined how it met NWCCU's accreditation standards
  • OHSU has defined Mission Fulfillment with Indicators of Effectiveness on the Institutional Effectiveness webpage
  • NWCCU evaluates OHSU against standards and identifies areas of strength and weakness
  • Included a visit by NWCCU evaluators which was on October 24-26, 2022

Year Seven Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness

Recent and upcoming activity

January 2016: OHSU's accreditation reaffirmed by NWCCU

September 2016: OHSU submits Year One Self-Evaluation Report

September 2018: OHSU submits Mid-Cycle Self-Evaluation Report and Addendum

January 2019: NWCCU acknowledges OHSU's Mid-Cycle Report

June 2020: NWCCU accepts OHSU's Ad Hoc Report

February 2022: NWCCU Year 6: Policies, Regulations, and Financial Review Letter

Commendations from NWCCU

In its reaffirmation of accreditation in 2016, the commission gave OHSU three commendations:

  1. OHSU's contributions in health care and health sciences to the state of Oregon and beyond.
  2. OHSU's faculty and administrators for their efforts and commitment to the development of Interprofessional Education across the institution, including rural sites.
  3. OHSU's faculty for a culture of collaboration for research and education and the university as a whole for partnerships with other institutions, industries, and rural communities.