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Student Housing

Students unpacking in their apartment.

Affordable student apartments

Find affordable student apartments near to or on campus in Portland through our partner College Housing Northwest. As a local nonprofit, it offers rates at least 15% below market. Each of their properties is staffed by people who understand the needs of university students like you. While you can look for housing at any of their properties, the Curry Court and The Amy locations have been set aside for OHSU students.

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Sign a lease with College Housing Northwest by July 1, 2024, and receive $500 off your first month’s rent.

Submit your name to get help starting your application or to get more information. We’ll email you, answer your questions and connect you with a leasing agent at College Housing Northwest.

Curry Court

View of the kitchen inside an apartment at Curry Court.

Studio apartments on OHSU's South Waterfront campus.

See what's available at Curry Court

The Amy

View of the living room inside an apartment at The Amy.

Furnished studio and one-bedroom apartments on the MAX line, one mile from campus.

See what's available at The Amy

OHSU’s off-campus housing classifieds

Find housing options in the Portland area, including: 

  • Rooms for rent 
  • Students searching for roommates 
  • Apartments, houses and condominiums for rent 
  • Real estate for sale

Housing for our regional campuses

If you’re studying at one of our regional campuses, contact the housing department for your host campus: 

Cooperative living for graduate students

Find housing in Portland at the Marquam Hill Cooperative, a 23-bedroom home at the edge of OHSU’s Marquam Hill campus in Portland. It operates as a self-run, self-governed nonprofit student cooperative offering short- and long-term housing for graduate students. 

Housing for students and trainees on rotation

The Office of Learner Placement and Housing will coordinate housing for you during your rotation. With leases and community partnerships across the state, they provide accommodations that make you feel at home. 

They include amenities such as: 

  • Wi-Fi 
  • Essential furnishings and cooking supplies 
  • Bedding, towels and linens 
  • Basic cleaning supplies 

Learn more about housing during your rotation

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