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Educational Improvement and Innovation is invested in helping educators develop as education researchers within the academic health center context. Conducting education research is valuable because it promotes more scholarly approaches to teaching and learning and it allows us to investigate and improve our learning environments and practices as a university.  In addition, individual faculty can focus their careers (and thus their promotion efforts) on disseminating education-related projects, innovation, and research.

Key Scholarship Support Resources

OHSU’s Education Scholars Program, run by the School of Medicine, a one-year certificate program designed to prepare education leaders to be successful scholars.  Free for SOM faculty, consider applying for an Educator Success Grant if you are not in the School of Medicine.

  • Explore the Educator's Collaborative
  • Join one or more of the Communities of Practice, called “Seeds” (organized into “Pods”)
  • Attend or present at the Symposium on Educational Excellence
  • Learn more about scholarly projects on education and educational innovations at OHSU at monthly Education Grand Rounds

OHSU Educator Success Grants, which provide up to 50% cost for OHSU members to attend education research trainings, among other things.