Research Assistance

Reference and Research Help

OHSU Library Service Desk 503-494-3460

Library staff provide reference services at the library services desks at the BICC, and by phone, email and chat. Library users can request help or ask a detailed question by clicking on the “Contact Us” link that is located on the top of every library webpage.

Librarians can provide assistance in many areas including: literature database searching and training, research data management services, expert literature searching, setting up auto alerts, information and data literacy training, and search consultations for patients.

Please Note: Database searches for people not affiliated with OHSU are charged a basic fee of $100 for the first half hour and $50/half hour for each additional half hour. There is a minimum charge of $100. Please contact us or call the Library Service Desk at 503-494-3460 for more information. Searches for patients are not included.

OHSU Library Unit Engagement Program

The OHSU Library’s Unit Engagement Program supports the effective use of library expertise and resources by assigning a primary librarian contact to OHSU academic programs, residencies and fellowships, clinical departments, centers and institutes.  The primary contact librarians coordinate outreach to and the Library’s team-based support of OHSU units’ information needs to make sure our expertise and resources contribute to your success.

OHSU Library Unit Engagement Program

Historical Collections & Archives

The OHSU Library is open to the OHSU community, the general public and scholars conducting research using our unique historical collections. Learn more via the Historical Collections & Archives website.