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Academic Policy

In support of the Committee on Academic Policy, the Office of Academic Programs, Policy and Accreditation is responsible for coordinating the development and maintenance of policies and procedures relating to academic affairs and student life, provide oversight of school and/or academic unit level policies and procedures and to recommend university-wide policies and procedures as appropriate. Many stakeholders within the education mission of OHSU participate in the development and revision of academic policies. 

Policies are represented to the Committee on Academic Policy (CAP) for review and approval on a quarterly basis. CAP consists faculty, academic administrators, a faculty senator, a student, members from the Office of the Provost and the Office of General Councel. 

The Office of Academic Programs, Policy and Accreditation is responsible for reporting policy activity to the Provost and to the Policy Advisory Committee. 

Policy Development Process

To suggest a policy concept or revision for CAP consideration, individuals or academic units should contact Anna Teske, Assistant Vice Provost. Each request will be reviewed in accordance with the CAP Policy Review Protocol and Academic Policy Processes Map. 

For additional information please see the section below on Policy Resources. 

Policy Resources

Approved Academic Policies

Policies contained on this site may be modified or discontinued from time to time. Every effort will 
be made to keep them up-to-date and notices will be provided of proposed policy changes. 
However, it is your responsibility to keep current on all applicable policies and to request
clarification you might need from appropriate OHSU staff. 

Below are academic policies reviewed and approved by CAP.

01-01-010, Academic Policy Development and Approval

02-01-001, Student Admission Requirements – Standards for Admission Student Admission

02-01-002, Equal Access for Students with Disabilities

02-01-003, Student Drug and Alcohol Testing 

02-10-010, Student Residency for Tuition Purposes

02-10-025, Oregon Heritage Policy 

02-20-005, Student Records

02-20-010, Student Records – Certain Information Not Required to be Provided by Students

02-20-015, Student Records – Locations and Custody of Student Records 

02-20-025, Student Records - Confidential Records; Restrictions on Release

02-20-030, Student Records – Transfer of Education Records

02-20-035, Student Records – Petition by Student for Change in Personal Records 

02-20-040, Student Records – Availability of Student Records for Research Purposes

02-20-045, Record of Student Complaint  

02-20-050, Verification of Student Identity 

02-30-010, Conduct Relating to Students – Proscribed Conduct

02-30-050, Student Suspension, Dismissal, and Appeal | 02-30-050, Procedure

02-30-055, Student Grievance and Appeal | 02-30-055, Procedure

02-50-005, Academic Program Review

02‐50‐010, Proposing Curricular Modifications

02-50-015, Assignment of Course Credit Hour

02-50-020, Marketing Proposed Academic Programs

02-50-030, Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment

02-50-035, Student Evaluation of Course and Instructional Effectiveness

02-50-040, Suspension of Admissions into or Closure of Academic Programs

02-50-045, Course Inactivation

02-50-050, Course Syllabi

02-50-055, Enrollment of Students in Multiple Degree/Certificate Offerings | 02-50-055, Procedure

02-50-060, Course Identification

02-70-005, Transfer of Course Credit

02-70-010, Technical Standards

02-70-015, Timely Release of Grades

02-70-020, University Grading

02-70-025, Change in Major or Degree Objective

02-70-030, Voluntary Leave of Absence, Excused Military Absence, and Withdrawal  | 02-70-030, Procedure

02-70-035, Degree/Certificate Standards

02-70-040, Degrees Awarded with Honors

02-70-045, Change in Scheduled Examination and Other Assessments

02-70-050, Exam Proctoring | 02-70-050, Procedure

02-70-055, Excused Absence for Active Duty Service or Related Medical Treatment 

02-70-045, Change in Scheduled Exam and Other Assessments

02-90-001, Student Interest Group Recognition  | 02-90-001, Procedure

02-90-010, Student Health  | 02-90-010, Procedure

02‐90‐020, Non-Immigrant Foreign Students Health Insurance Requirements

02-90-025, Student Financial Planning

02-90-030, Housing for Community-Based Rotations  | 02-90-030, Procedure

02-90-035, OHSU Approvals of Student-led Outreach Activities and Initiatives

02-90-040, Use of Anatomical Material for Instructional Purposes

02-90-045, Covered Individuals Receiving VA Educational Assistance