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Student Center

Brick building with a rounded balcony with OHSU Student Center sign on it

Located on Marquam Hill, the Student Center is a place for current OHSU students, GME residents and fellows, as well as employees of OHSU, to gather, relax, decompress or exercise. The Student Center offers a variety of social and cultural activities, and the staff is dedicated to working closely with the OHSU community to conduct innovative and engaging programs.

Swimming pool and gymnasium memberships are available for employees.  For more information please contact the Student Center .

Campus Store

For all of your OHSU merchandise needs, shop at the Campus Store located in the Student Center 8am – 7:30pm, Monday to Friday, or visit the online store.

The Student Center offers recreational membership options to current OHSU students, GME residents and fellows, student and GME spouses/partners, and current employees but its primary purpose is to provide OHSU students with extracurricular opportunities and grant them priority access to the facility. 

Membership and access requirements include:

  • Individuals must have a current OHSU ID badge or purchase a preloaded access card (with $20 minimum) to utilize the facility.
    • Enrolled OHSU Students - must present a current ID Badge.
    • OHSU residents and fellows in the GME program - must sign-up for an access card at the Student Center front desk.
    • Current students and GME residents and fellows must be present with their spouse/partner when they sign up for a membership. Please have your OHSU badge and proof of shared residence (driver's license, utility bill or checking account).  
    • OHSU employees must purchase an access card.

Access cards must be present and have available funds. If the card has a zero balance, it must be re-loaded with the $20 minimum at the time of service.

  • Daily drop-in fees or one-time use fees are not available at the Student Center.
  • Each patron must sign-up for their own access card.
  • Access cards are non-transferable, non-refundable and offer no cash back.
  • Access cards are valid for services and products offered by the Student Center and Campus Store.
  • Access cards do not expire.
  • If lost, an access card can be replaced for a fee.

The Student Center has daily use lockers available, but individuals need to provide their own lock.  We also have baskets and bike lockers with pre-assigned locks available for rent.  

The gymnasium and media room are the only venues at the Student Center available for reservation by students and GME residents/fellows at no cost. OHSU employees may reserve these spaces – see below for costs. 

Gymnasium rental rates:

  • Free to OHSU Students, GME residents/fellow;
  • $50 per hour for OHSU employees and departments;
  • For sports-related reservations, participants must also pay an access fee.

Media room rental rates:

  • No charge for OHSU students, GME residents/fellows
  • $75 per hour for OHSU employees and departments
  • $100 for each hour beyond the Student Center's regular hours
  • $100 for first hour, $75 for each additional hour if the building is open early for an event

The Nucleus Lounge and swimming pool are dedicated common spaces and are not available for reserved events. The Nucleus Lounge is considered a first come, first served area. 

Cancellation policy: There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for any organized event.  Cancellations should be made by calling 503-494-8295 or emailing the Student Center

The Student Center has rules in place to help guide individuals as they use the facility.  OHSU and the Student Center have the right to revoke visiting privileges to anyone failing to follow Student Center rules and policies. 

Facility specific rules are posted throughout the center and additional operational rules are listed below:

  • The Student Center is an adult only facility for individuals who are 18 years and older. Guests who are under 18 years old are allowed access to the first floor lounge only;
  • Use of any recording devices, cameras, etc. is prohibited in all spaces of the Student Center;
  • Locker rooms and restrooms are phone-free zones;
  • Personal belongings left on site will be retained for 30 days before being donated;
  •  The Student Center is a fragrance-free environment. Please refrain from using scented colognes, perfumes and products;
  • All areas of the Student Center except locker rooms and restrooms are monitored 24 hours a day by video surveillance;
  • Access to the Wellness room and its equipment is limited to currently enrolled OHSU students and GME residents/fellows;
  • Organized group classes, one-on-one instructional sessions, coaching sessions, or group or individual training are not allowed at the Student Center. The only organized activities make up our intramural sports program).  If OHSU students, GME residents/fellows or employees are interested in organized activities, classes and training, please contact March Wellness and Fitness Center.


  • Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm 

Parking, driving and transport options

Panoramic interior view of the Student Center on the Marquam Hill campus


OHSU Student Center pool

Located on the second floor is a six-lane, 25-yard lap pool and hot tub available for OHSU students, GME residents and fellows, and employees of OHSU. 

  • Lap swimming only; no organized groups, classes, or personal coaching sessions. 
  • Fins, kickboards, hand paddles, etc. are available for use.
  • The pool is kept at approximately 80 degrees.
  • The hot tub comfortably accommodates eight people, and the water is kept at approximately 101 degrees. 
  • Kayaks and surfboards are allowed with prior approval.
  • The pool and hot tub close 15 minutes prior to the building closure.
  • The swimming pool and hot tub are not available for rental or private individual/group reservations.

Located on the second floor is a collegiate-size basketball court available for OHSU students, GME residents and fellows, as well as employees of OHSU.  Intramural sports run during the academic year and a number of special events are conducted in the gymnasium.  Closures will be posted in advance on the Student Center kiosk.  The gymnasium closes 15 minutes prior to the building closing.

The wellness room is for current OHSU students, GME residents and fellows and spouses/partners-with proof of same residence, only-no employee access allowed. There are treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, a stairclimber, free weights, benches, etc. available for use.

OHSU Student Center media room theater

The media room is a multi-functional space available for a variety of social and academic activities.  The room is equipped with 9' by 15' HDTV screen, computer kiosk for presentations and internet access as well as large beanbag-style chairs and tiered benches. 

The Nucleus Lounge showcases a rotating selection of artwork created by the OHSU community and local artists. We are always eager to showcase exhibits that address health and well-being. Each art exhibit opens with a small reception and is shown for several months.  For information about this program, please contact the front desk at 503-494-8295 or send an email.

Located in the Nucleus Lounge area is a baby grand piano, open for anyone affiliated with OHSU to play.  Please call the front desk to schedule a time slot. Once you arrive ask for the key at the front desk. There is a one hour time limit per player.

The Student Center has multiple group study areas and lounge spaces that are accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. The computer and study room has four computer kiosks and lounge-style seating that is perfect for group study sessions. Computers do not have printing capability and require an OHSU ID to log in.