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Klamath Falls

Crater Lake near Klamath Falls in winter snow

Fast Facts

Located five hours from Portland and just 40 miles north of the Oregon-California boarder, Klamath Falls is the largest city in the county, with a population around 22,000. The timber industry dominated the economy from around 1909 to the late 1980’s when identification of endangered species dramatically affected forestry policies. Currently, Sky Lakes Medical Center is the largest employer in the area.

Klamath Falls is situated in a high desert area with natural geothermal springs. Most precipitation comes as snow in the winter months. Water allocation continues to be a crisis for the area, with a contested divide between protecting endangered species and providing enough water to support agricultural crops.

The Klamath Basin is the homeland of the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin-Paiute people. In 1864, a treaty was signed with the federal government to cede nearly 22 million acres and form a 1.5 million acre reservation. In 1954, the federal government signed the Termination Act, effectively terminating the Klamath Tribes and the reservation. The Act was rescinded in 1986, but lands were not restored.

Chronic Disease Self-Management
Partner: Sky Lakes Outpatient Care Management, Living Well Coalition

Healthy Corner Store Assessment and Education Campaign
Partners: Klamath County Food Policy Council, Blue Zones Project Food Systems Advisory Committee, Oregon Tech Geomatics Department

Barriers to Sustaining Weight Loss and Health Outcomes for Wellness Center Participants
Partner: Sky Lakes Wellness Center

Clean Air / Cooling Spaces
Partner: Klamath County Public Health

Student housing is conveniently located downtown Klamath Falls, with a capacity of 25 learners.