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FAFSA Application Process

Step 1: Fill out your FAFSA

  • Apply for Federal Financial Aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Apply even if you are in the process of being admitted rather than waiting to be officially admitted.

2024-2025 FAFSA

The upcoming 2024-25 financial aid year (Summer 2024-Spring 2025) includes substantial changes to the financial aid application process and awarding.   As a result, the Department of Education, as well as all colleges/universities, must implement updated software to process the applications.  Unfortunately, Department of Education has delayed the release of the FAFSA that is normally available on October 1.   These delays have also prevented college/university financial aid software providers from being able to release an updated version of software to institutions. 

For Students who have applied for the 2024-25 Financial Aid Year 

Please double check that there is a 2024-25 FAFSA on file with OHSU (School Code: 004883) listed as a school to receive the information. The application status should indicate Processed and no further action is needed. If not, check what steps are required and proceed with completing the FAFSA. If OHSU is not listed, you can make the correction to your processed FAFSA which will be available later in March.

Students will receive an email from the Department of Education informing them that their FAFSA form has been fully processed and their FAFSA information has been sent to the schools they listed on their form. Keep in mind, we will not be able to see your application until testing is completed and applications are loaded into our student information system.

For Students who have not applied for the 2024-25 Financial Aid Year

  1. Apply EarlyIt is important that you do not delay in applying for aid. Note: Your application will not be sent until the Department of Education has sent the backlog of applications.
  2. FSAID Preparation: Ensure that your FSAID (Federal Student Aid ID) is ready to use. This is the same ID you used for applying for aid this year.
    1. If you are a married student or a dependent student who is required to include your parental information, there is additional information below on how your spouse or parents’ information will be included on your FAFSA.
    2. If you do not have a FSAID, you can get one on the Department of Education website.  It is recommended you set up that ID before applying for financial aid (allow about 3 business days for processing).  You can therefore create those ID’s while you are currently waiting to apply for financial aid.  The Department of Education also has created video regarding how to create the FSAID.
  3. Review Questions Carefully: Pay close attention to the questions on the FAFSA form. Many questions are different from prior years.
    1. For dependent students, review the information regarding which parent(s) must be included in your FAFSA.
  4. School Selection: Make sure you list OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University 004883) as a school that should receive your information.
  5. Married Students and Dependent Students: Beginning this year, there are changes to how a spouse or parent will have their information included on you FAFSA. For FAFSA purposes, these people are considered contributors to your FAFSA.
    • For married students, your spouse would only be considered a contributor if you and your spouse did not file a joint 2022 Federal Tax Return.  If you filed taxes separately, your spouse will need to get a FSAID with separate email account. 
    • For dependent students (those required to include their parental information on the FAFSA) there will be additional information included in the application process that will help you determine which parent(s) to report.   For anyone required to report, they will also need a FSAID with a separate email account.
    • For more information on contributors, please see this Department of Education video. 

Rest assured, we will email each applicant to indicate we have received the FAFSA and if additional information is needed at that time. Note: as the application moves through the application process, there are times when a student may be asked for information more than once. If information is requested, respond promptly. Your application will not proceed through the awarding process until the information is received. The timeline for awarding has not been finalized; however, students will be notified via email when they are awarded.


  • The new demographic data collected on the FAFSA (gender, race, and ethnicity) will not be sent to the schools indicated on the FAFSA and will not be used in determining eligibility.

2023-2024 FAFSA

For students beginning or continuing their program during Summer 2023 through Spring 2024, please complete the 2023-2024 FAFSA. Be sure to include our school code: 004883.

Deadlines: For Undergrad students, the priority deadline to file the 2023-2024 FAFSA is January 15, 2023. This deadline is used in conjunction with other criteria when determining eligibility for certain types of funds available at OHSU. We strongly suggest you complete your FAFSA early. Please keep in mind when completing FAFSA online that the federal processor operates on Eastern Standard Time.

If you do not meet one of the established criteria for supplying your parental information on your FAFSA and you have special circumstances why your parent’s are unable to supply their information, please contact our office.

Graduate students:  To reduce any potential delays in awarding, please apply by January 15th, 2023.

Please note that your application for Financial Aid will not be reviewed until you have been formally admitted to a financial aid eligible program at OHSU. View eligible programs

Oregon resident with first bachelors: If you are an Oregon resident working on your first bachelor's degree and wish to be considered for the Oregon Opportunity Grant, file the FAFSA as soon as possible. The Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) will determine eligibility and award on a first come, first serve basis.

Step 2: Review for additional requirements

Once your FAFSA is received by OHSU, we will determine if additional information is needed.

If additional information is needed, you will be sent a request through email.  Make sure to keep your email and mailing address updated with our office. Any requested documents can be returned to us via email. You can monitor the status of these outstanding requirements on the Student Information System.

If no information is needed, you will be sent an email indicating that we have received the application.  This will be sent to the email listed on your federal financial aid application.

Step 3: Await review by OHSU

Once you are admitted to a financial aid eligible program and all information requested has been submitted, your financial aid application will be reviewed by a counselor in our office. If additional information is needed upon review, you will be contacted.

Step 4: Review and accept your award

We will notify you via email when your financial aid award is complete and ready to review and accept online. If you expect a financial resource, such as employer tuition benefits or scholarships, that is not listed on your award, please submit a Reporting Additional Resources form to our office first. If your enrollment plans will differ from what is anticipated on your award, please submit an Enrollment Plan Update form (also found on our Financial Aid homepage:  We will revise your award based on the updated information and contact you when the revised award is ready for your review.

Step 5: Keep us updated

Whenever your contact information, enrollment plans, and/or financial resources change, be sure to let us know. The best way to reach our office is via email at