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External view of Baird Hall on Marquam Hill.

Student Health offers a full range of primary care, behavioral health, integrative medicine, and wellness services for OHSU students and postdoctoral scholars based on the Portland campus. Some services are also available for students' spouses, domestic partners, and adult children.

Meet our staff and providers

To schedule an appointment, call 503-494-8665, option 1

Phone: 503-494-8665
Fax: 503-494-2958

General questions
Pre-entrance immunizations

Location: Baird Hall, rooms 6 and 18


  • Mon.: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Tues.: 10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
  • Weds.: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Thurs.: 10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
  • Fri.: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Behavioral Health, Primary Care, and Wellness programs have additional virtual hours.

Our Food Resource Center is located in the Student Center and is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3-7 p.m. for shopping hours.

Find more information about forms, policies and other resources.

If you are experiencing confusion and/or complex emotions in reaction to recent events, you are not alone.  View a variety of resources to support. For help with emotional distress and/or suicidal thoughts, many crisis resources are also available: 


Find more information about forms, policies and other resources.

Student Health offers a full range of primary care services and can serve as the medical home for students, their adult dependents (spouses, domestic partners, and children over 18), and postdoctoral scholars during their time at OHSU. Our board-certified primary care providers offer care for acute illnesses and injuries, chronic conditions, reproductive health, gender-affirming health, and pre and post-travel immunizations and treatment. They also provide care following a blood or body fluid exposure. Same-day and next-day appointments are often available. 

Read more on our primary care webpage.

Mental and emotional health is a critical part of overall well-being.  Behavioral health providers at Student Health offer individual counseling, medication management, and couples counseling. Both in person and teletherapy options are available. 

Read more on our behavioral health webpage.

If you are experiencing difficult times, you are not alone.  Please reach out for support. 

For help with emotional distress and/or suicidal thoughts, many crisis resources are available: 

Our integrative medicine, massage services are available to OHSU students, their adult dependents (spouses, domestic partners, and children 18 or older), and postdoctoral scholars. 

Read more on our integrative medicine webpage.

Students can receive one free massage at Student Health. Additional massages are available for $45 for 45 minutes or $90 for 90 minutes; find out more about scheduling a massage

Student Health provides a variety of ways to help students be well and thrive during their time at OHSU. Services include individual mindfulness coaching appointments, mindfulness groups, the Science of Happiness series, and wellness presentations/training and events. Common topics include stress management, resilience, imposter syndrome, mindfulness, self-compassion, compassion fatigue/burnout, and more. For students interested in leadership in wellness, both the Student Health Advisory Committee and Scholars of Well-being initiative are available. 

Read more on our wellness webpage.

Students can access a robust Food Resource Center (located at the Student Center on Marquam Hill), which provides no-cost, nutritious grocery items and other staples for all OHSU students in the Portland area.  There is also a 10% student discount at OHSU Food and Nutrition locations, support for applying for Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, and food resource guides to campus and community food options. 

Student food resources

Food resource center - location, hours and information

Other basic needs

Students can get support with basic needs such as housing, transportation, clothing, child care, pet care and more. 

Explore resources and find more information about support with basic needs

Interested in helping expand basic needs support for OHSU students?  Email to join our Basic Needs Taskforce. 

Trainings on multiple methods of suicide prevention are available, including Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST).  

Read more about suicide prevention.

New Students: Please visit our New Student Requirements page for important information, including more information about our immune status form. 

Returning Students: Please visit our Returning Student Requirement page for important information and forms to complete. 

Information about mask fit requirements and annual compliance can be found here

For more information visit our Student Health Insurance Plan webpage. 

  • Note that students can access the Student Health and Wellness Center regardless of which insurance they have.

At Student Health and Wellness, we acknowledge the significant impact of equity and inclusion on wellbeing, as well as the reality of racism and the devastating health outcomes inflicted by systemic injustice.  We are committed to providing a caring, welcoming space for all.  

Read more on our diversity and inclusion page.

OHSU is committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of student health information. We take your confidentiality very seriously and welcome any questions about specifics. 

Read more about confidentiality.

Please review our SHW Costs of Services chart that outlines when SHW bills your insurance and when you may incur out-of-pocket costs. At Student Health, most services have no costs, including Primary Care office visits (though medications or other recommendations that occur in the visit may have a cost), Behavioral Health appointments, and all Wellness offerings (including the Food Resource Center).

There may be costs for such as pre-entrance or travel vaccines, labs, imaging, massage, referrals to specialists, and any care performed outside of Student Health. These services are subject to your insurance coverage and any remaining balance would be paid for by you. Please remember, it is your responsibility to ask about any applicable costs prior to services being performed. Please ask your provider, our front desk team, or refer to the SHW Costs of Services chart if you have any questions or concerns about billing. 

Read more on our fees and billing webpage.

Student Health provides COVID-19 support for OHSU students, including vaccinations, free testing, support with navigating exposures, care if you are ill, and help with any questions or concerns.

Please see our COVID-19 webpage for more information.

The COVID-19 bivalent vaccine is now available at Student Health.  Call us at 503-494-8665, option 1 to schedule.

New patient paperwork

About us

The following groups are eligible for OHSU Student Health and Wellness Center services:

  • OHSU students based on the Portland campus. Please check with your program if you have questions about eligibility.  
  • (For primary care and some wellness services) Adult dependents of OHSU students, including spouses, domestic partners, and children age 18 or older
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Wy'east Scholars

New students become eligible to use Student Health and Wellness services on the first day of the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) coverage period, whether or not a student has SHIP or has waived out.  See these dates on the SHIP website, under "Enrollment periods and costs."

All OHSU students regardless of home campus location, Wy'east Scholars, and CDI Summer Equity Interns can access the Food Resource Center when they are in Portland.

OHSU students at regional campuses have access to the health and wellness resources at their local campus, including the student health and counseling centers, food pantries, or similar services.  Please speak with your program or view the links below to learn more about what is available at your local campus.  If you are a Nursing student and have questions about what services are available to you, please contact Trina Ramirez, SoN Student Services Coordinator.

Ashland Campus

Klamath Falls Campus

La Grande Campus

Monmouth Campus

You may also find useful information on the following websites:

Students who live outside of Oregon while virtually attending OHSU programs based on the Portland campus may have varied access to SHW's clinical services (primary care and behavioral health), depending on your specific state and licensure requirements as well as your specific health needs. Please call SHW at 503-494-8665, Option 1 or email to discuss your situation and determine what SHW services you can utilize virtually while out of state.  

In general, students outside of Oregon can still access virtual wellness offerings (Science of Happiness series, wellness events, mindfulness coaching, etc.) regardless of location.

  • To preserve and enhance the physical, emotional, and behavioral health of the wide range of students and postdoctoral fellows at OHSU
  • To provide high-quality health care in a professional, confidential, and compassionate environment
  • To support students and postdoctoral fellows in their professional development by providing a wide range of health care services in an easily accessible and affordable manner

For emergencies, call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency facility.

For after-hours Mental Health support:

For after-hours Nursing support:

  • For non-emergent, after-hours nurse triage, please call the OHSU hospital operator at 503-494-8311 and ask for the Student Health and Wellness after-hours nurse triage line. If you can't wait for a phone call back, call 9-1-1 for immediate emergency assistance from a trained operator.

When coming to Marquam Hill for a medical appointment, patients are able to park in Kohler Pavilion and Physician Pavilion. 

As a student, please contact Parking and Transportation at or 503-494-8283, option 1 when you will be parking on Marquam Hill campus for an appointment and they will cover your vehicle to avoid a possible citation. Please specify in the email that parking is for a patient appointment and include the appointment date and time, the anticipated length of the appointment, and the vehicle you will be driving. Make sure to contact Parking and Transportation prior to your appointment. 

"Let's Talk" new drop-in support

SHW will offer virtual drop-in consultations with an OHSU Student Health and Wellness Counselor every Wednesday from 12-1 p.m.

Learn more about Let's Talk.


Student Health is now offering buy one, get one free! OHSU students are still eligible for one free massage for the life of their program.  After that, massages are available at $45 for 45 minutes or $90 for 90 minutes, with each one coming with one additional free massage.  Call 503-494-8665, option 1 to schedule or read more about massage services.

COVID testing available at Student Health

No-cost testing is available at Student Health. Visit our COVID-19 page for more information.