Education at OHSU


Diplomas are mailed 6-8 weeks after the last day of the term in which you graduated. Degrees are awarded only once a term on the last day of the term, and you must submit a graduation application to have your degree awarded and get your diploma.

Student Accounts Receivable (SAR) holds will prevent teh release of your diploma. If you have a hold, please ensure it is resolved by the end of the term to avoid delaying the release of your diploma. You can email their office at or call them at 503-494-5710.

Mailing Address 
Diplomas are mailed to your primary address. We use the address on record on the last day of the term in which you're graduating. You can change your address in Student Self-Service. If you change your address before the last day of the term, your diploma will be mailed to the updated address.

Changing Your Diploma Name 
Current students and alumni who graduated less than a year ago:
Step 1: Complete a legal name change with the Office of the Registrar.
Step 2: Email our office at to let us know that you have submitted a name change and would like to update your diploma name.

Alumni who graduated over a year ago:
Step 1: File a legal name change with the Office of the Registrar.
Step 2: Order a duplicate diploma.

Degree Date
Your diploma will display the date on which your degree is officially conferred. Degrees are conferred on the last day of the term as per the published academic calendar.

Convocation and Diplomas
The Convocation and Hooding ceremonies provide a joyful occasion for you to celebrate your achievement with your classmates, friends, and family. However these celebrations are primarily symbolic, and your degree has not yet been awarded at the time they occur. Only after all grades have been submitted and we have double-checked that you meet all degree requirements will your degree be awarded and your diploma printed. Your diploma will be mailed to you within 6-8 weeks after the end of the term.

Ordering Certified Copies of Diplomas
You may order a certified copy of your diploma. Instructions on how to order one are available on the Ordering Transcripts and Other Documents page. The certified copy of diploma is a photocopy of your diploma on regular paper. It bears the Registrar's signature and OHSU seal, and is mostly used for verification purposes. It is not an original or duplicate diploma.

Ordering a Duplicate Diploma
You can order your duplicate diploma via the order form. This will be a true duplicate on cardstock paper with 'duplicate' printed on the bottom. If you received a damaged or erroneous diploma, you have until one year after graduation to contact the Office of the Registrar to request a reprint free of charge. After that time, you must order a duplicate diploma. If you did not receive your diploma, first check that you do not have any holds, and verify your current mailing address on file. Note: you have one year to contact the Office of the Registrar regarding a missing diploma; after that time you must order a duplicate diploma.