Education at OHSU

Northeast Oregon

Anthony Lakes, NE Oregon

Launched in 2018, the Campus for Rural Health – NE Oregon has the capacity to house eleven learners each month with six teaching site affiliates in Union and Wallowa counties. Currently, NE Oregon has recruited two OHSU graduates for practice.

A four hour drive from Portland to Union County, population of 26,461, takes about four hours. The trip to Wallowa County, population 7,081, is over five hours from the Portland metro area. Nearby mountains and streams offer hunting, hiking, fishing, skiing, boating, and camping. The powder snow of Anthony Lakes, natural glacial formation of Wallowa Lake, and the Umatilla and Wallowa–Whitman National Parks are just a few recreational areas framed by the Columbia Plateau of the Wallow mountain range and the Blue Mountains which stretch over two states and eight counties.

Eastern Oregon University and Blue Mountain Community College have a strong presence in NE Oregon. The local economy in Union County is based on natural resources, ranching, and timber with its largest employers at Boise Cascade and Grande Ronde Hospital. In Wallowa County, health care and education are the largest employment sectors, followed by agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, and mining.

Teaching Affiliates: Winding Waters Clinic, Wallowa Memorial Hospital, Grande Ronde Hospital, Grande Ronde Medical Clinics, Dr. Eli Mayes, DDS, and Red Cross Drug Store

Interprofessional Community-based Courses

In addition to clinical rotations, students at Campus for Rural Health sites are enrolled concurrently in an interprofessional Rural Community-based Project course. Projects are selected for their ability meet two primary goals: 1) To allow students to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to real-life community health care concerns, and 2) To support rural communities in meeting self-identified health care needs. 

IPE 412-512-712 FAQ

The IPE Rural Continuity course is offered to students who return to a Campus for Rural Health site for a subsequent rotation. Attendance at course and community meetings is required for the duration of the student's experience at a Campus for Rural Health site. Completion of the 1 credit Interprofessional Rural Community Project Course  (412, 512, 712)

IPE 422-522-722 FAQ