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Student CARE Program

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The Consultation, Awareness, Resources and Education Program helps students through challenges

The Student CARE Program helps students face personal, physical or emotional challenges. Our goal is to support the well-being and success of every student. 

Concerned about a student?

If you’re worried about yourself or another student, use the referral button to contact us. We’ll assess the situation and get the student the resources they need. 

Anyone concerned about a student can submit a referral, including faculty, family members, peers and others. You are also welcome to refer yourself. 

Examples of concerns that might lead to a referral: 

  • Academic distress 
  • Financial hardship, including housing or food insecurity 
  • Health or mental health concerns 
  • Harm to self or others 
  • Experiences of harassment, bias or discrimination 
  • Family emergency, including death or serious illness in the family 
  • Concerns about current events and how they may impact you or your loved ones 
  • Affected by crime or assault 
  • Immigration status 

What to expect after submitting a referral

The CARE case manager will:  

  • Contact you within 1-2 business days to confirm that we received the referral.
  • If you referred someone else, we’ll ask if you’ve told them about the referral. We encourage you to let them know in advance but will still guide you on offering support if you prefer not to. 
  • Contact the student and schedule an appointment. 
  • Meet with the student. 

In complex cases, the CARE case manager will consult the CARE team to work on finding a solution together.

Additional resources

On campus: 

In the community: 

About the CARE team

The CARE team is a group of OHSU staff with a wide range of experience supporting students through challenges.   

When we meet with students and assess cases, we:  

  • Focus on early intervention. 
  • Identify warning behaviors.  
  • Prevent problems before they get worse. 
  • Promote student well-being and success while ensuring community safety. 
  • Regularly review cases of students whose behavior raises concerns. 
  • Speak with all involved to fully understand the situation and the needs of each student. 
  • Keep student information private.  We won’t share your information without your permission unless we believe there is a threat to your health and safety. 
  • Offer support and assistance to students using a nonpunitive, nondisciplinary approach. 

Meet the CARE team

  • Michael Walsh, vice provost for student affairs 
  • Britt Hoover, CARE case manager 
  • Daisy Lembke, Psy.D., student health and wellness behavioral health director  
  • Jodi DeMunter, M.D., student health and wellness medical director 
  • Chennettée Jelleberg, M.S., CRC, Office for Student Access director 
  • Kelsey Arias, M.S.W., peer support specialist, Confidential Advocacy Program director 
  • Emily Hillhouse, M.A., Ph.D., Academic Success Center director