SMMART Research at OCSSB

The SMMART (Serial Measurements of Molecular and Architectural Responses to Therapy) Program is a next-generation precision medicine clinical trial in development, involving patients with metastatic prostate cancer, breast cancer, and pancreatic cancer, as well as patients with intermediate-to-poor prognosis acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Therapy will consist of a combination of FDA-approved drugs and will be chosen for SMMART participants through comprehensive molecular profiling of their tumors (including whole exome and transcriptome sequencing), as well as functional assays that measure the responses of an individual's cancer cells to the SMMART drugs. In addition, SMMART is also a multi-faceted research program, intensely focused on understanding cancer heterogeneity and mechanisms of resistance to treatment. Biospecimens from the clinical trial will be distributed to a variety of research labs for examination with the multi-scale imaging modalities available within the OCSSB.This collaborative research project brings together a multi-disciplinary team from across OHSU to discover 'omic and architectural features that manifest with the development of resistance to cancer treatments.