School of Medicine

School of Medicine Leadership


Interim Dean Selden

Nathan R. Selden, M.D., Ph.D.
Interim Dean, OHSU School of Medicine
Interim Executive Vice President, OHSU


two smiling women

From left
Elaine King, M.B.A. | Contact
Senior Associate Dean, Finance

Chief Financial Officer

Donna Mathieson |Contact
Associate Dean, Finance


Headshots of two women

From left:
Nicole Lockart, M.B.A. |Contact
Senior Associate Dean, Operations

Chief Operations Officer

Maura Cooney |Contact
Associate Director, Operations


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Cathy Villagomez |Contact
Administrative Director,
Dean's Office

Not pictured:
Janet Itami |Contact
Associate Director, Faculty Affairs


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From left:
Atif Zaman, M.D., M.P.H. |Contact
Senior Associate Dean, Clinical and Faculty Affairs

Elaine King, M.B.A. | Contact
Senior Associate Dean, Clinical Practice
Learn more about the OHSU Practice Plan

smiling blond woman and smiling beardless man

From left:
Andrea Cedfeldt, M.D. |Contact
Associate Dean, Faculty Development

Corey Fry, DNP, ACNP-BC |Contact
Director, Advanced Practice

Not pictured: Sophia Lichenstein-Hill, DNP, FNP |Contact
Associate Director, Advanced Practice

Headshots of two men, smiling

From left:
Darren Malinoski, M.D. |Contact
Chief Clinical Transformation Officer

Eric Herman, M.D. |Contact
Chief Primary Care and Population Health Officer

two SoM leaders

Johanna Warren, M.D. | Contact
Senior Associate Chief Medical Officer, Ambulatory Practice

Jenny Tomka, M.S. | Contact
Director, Office of Community Engagement and Support; Vice President, OHSU Practice Plan


Interim Dean Selden
Smiling woman

(Ph.D., Master's and Certificate Programs)

Allison Fryer, Ph.D. |Contact
Associate Dean
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From left:
Monica Hinds, Ph.D. |Contact
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Kelsi Nagle-Rowe, M.A. |Contact
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs

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From left:
Debbie Melton | Contact
Director, UME

Alexandra Shuford, Ph.D. | Contact
Director, Assessment

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Rebecca Cantone, M.D. |Contact
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Benjamin Schneider, M.D. |Contact
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs


Headshots of two men; leaders in the School of Medicine

From left:
Robert Cloutier, M.D. | Contact
Assistant Dean, Admissions

Eric Wiser, M.D. | Contact
Assistant Dean, Rural Undergraduate Medical Education


headshot of woman smiling
Tomo Ito, Ed.D. |Contact
Assistant Dean, Curriculum
Smiling woman with brown curly hair


Joyce Hollander-Rodriguez, M.D. | Contact
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
Learn more about Graduate Medical Education

Headshots of a man and a woman, smiling

Jim Anderson, M.D. | Contact
Assistant Dean, Statewide

Karen Brasel, M.D. | Contact
Assistant Dean


Headshots of two women, smiling

From left:
Maya Severson | Contact
Director, Operations

Christine Flores | Contact
Director, Accreditation


headshot of smiling woman

Cindy Koonz |Contact
Associate Director,
Strategic Alignment & Integration


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headshot of smiling woman

Liane Giles LeBlanc |Contact
Associate Director


headshot of interim senior associate dean for research Mary Heinricher
headshot of smiling woman

Laura Erker |Contact
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Not pictured:
Maggie Jameson |Contact
Director, Strategy & Operations


Deans Emeritus

  • Sharon Anderson, M.D.
  • John A. Benson, Jr., M.D.
  • Joseph D. Bloom, M.D.
  • John W. Kendall, M.D. (1929-2020)
  • Mark A. Richardson, M.D., M.Sc.B., M.B.A. (1949–2016)
  • Joseph E. Robertson, Jr., M.D. R '82, M.B.A.