GME-to-Faculty Diversity Advancement Pathway


The School of Medicine’s GME-to-Faculty Diversity Advancement Pathway (FDAP) provides a community of support for OHSU trainees and junior faculty who are from backgrounds that are underrepresented in medicine and/or have demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion issues within medical education, including providing culturally specific medical care, service, and outreach.

We seek to prepare trainees and junior faculty with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to be successful in a career as an academic faculty member. We recognize that choosing an academic career is a deliberate pathway that requires particular skills for success, and we aim to intentionally and proactively support diverse trainees and faculty in developing these skills and achieving professional advancement.


Through partnerships with our residency and fellowship programs, clinical departments, and administrative offices, we aim to support trainees who are interested in academic careers and support OHSU junior faculty in enhancing their academic portfolio and delivering culturally-specific patient care.

We specifically seek to support the faculty’s greater role in engaging with diverse learners in the School of Medicine. This pathway supports scholarly activities and education focused to advance diversity efforts in the School of Medicine’s Dean’s Office.

GME-to-Faculty Diversity Advancement Pathway Phases

Our program has two distinct paths.

  • Trainee Path: creates a community of support for trainees with the goal of encouraging an academic career at OHSU.
Trainee Path
  • Junior Faculty Path: creates a community of belonging for new faculty with the goal of increasing representation, supporting academic portfolio enhancement, and promotion.
Faculty Path

Trainee Path:

  • Job searching in medicine, Interview skills
  • Academics and faculty advancement/promotion
  • Contract negotiations
  • Rewards of academics
  • Leadership
  • Medical Education
  • Avoiding the Minority Tax
  • How to respond to Microaggressions in the Professional Environment
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Building Networks: Mentors, Sponsors, Coaches
  • Wellness and resilience
  • Professional Organizations and national involvement

Junior Faculty Path:

The faculty path is organized as a year-long weekly seminar series with structured education, mentorship, and coaching for success in Academic Medicine.

  • Diversity & Exclusion in Academic Medicine
  • Individualized Development Planning
  • Self-Belonging & Community

Timeline to participation

Milestone Activities
Express interest in Academic Medicine Attend quarterly cohort meetings.
Apply for position in OHSU Department Application, interview, hiring activities as per each department’s usual process.
Nomination by Chair/Division Chief/Hiring Manager Spring/Summer Hiring managers/Chairs should contact the program director via email to nominate individual candidates.
Commit to program August 1, 2023
Welcome Orientation, commencement of program Late summer/early fall


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