Welcome to the OHSU MD Program

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The OHSU School of Medicine prepares more than 2,200 students and trainees for a dynamic health care and biomedical research environment to advance health for all and serve where needed from urban to rural settings in Oregon and beyond. In turn, our learners join in advancing academic medicine with their advocacy for a diverse, inclusive and respectful climate that promotes the cultural humility and responsiveness necessary to insure better outcomes for all patients and communities.

The school's M.D. program - Undergraduate Medical Education - has transformed to meet head-on the demands of the 21st century and, partnering with students, we continue to evolve.  Our goal is to graduate physicians with demonstrated skills in lifelong learning and improvement who can adapt to change and see the possibilities as technology expands; doctors who listen, innovate and lead.

I'm excited to welcome you and invite you to learn more.  

Tracy Bumsted, M.D., M.P.H.
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education

MD Program Mission

  • Provide programs to enhance human health, with an emphasis on improving health and access to care for all Oregonians
  • Educate tomorrow’s physicians, scientists and other health professionals and prepare them for a lifetime of learning, leadership, discovery and service
  • Develop new medical knowledge and technologies through basic, clinical and translational research  
  • Translate discoveries into effective health care and quality delivery

Medical Student Handbook - Updated 8/7/2023

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Learning roadmap MD program

The OHSU MD program celebrates a culture of continuous learning and educational improvement. Read about our LCME Accreditation process and see the roadmap. 

Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic

Bridges Collaborative

Students from OHSU, OSU, PSU volunteer to serve vulnerable residents.

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