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MD-MPH dual degree program overview

The Oregon Health & Science University MD-MPH dual degree program is a five-year program jointly sponsored by the OHSU School of Medicine and the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. It is specifically designed for students who demonstrate: (1) a potential for excellent performance in both the MD and the MPH curricula, and (2) a firm commitment to, and potential for, a career in which the population-based clinical practice model (a medicine-public health model) would be particularly useful, or in which the combined degree would prepare for enhanced career productivity in clinical and public health policy, programs, or research.

The dual degree program follows a quasi-integrated curriculum designed to allow selected students to complete the requirements for both the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and the Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees within five years. The curriculum is quasi-integrated in the sense that we expect MD-MPH students to be engaged in formal or informal public health-related study throughout their tenure at OHSU. Students in the MD-MPH dual degree program currently complete the MPH with an Epidemiology concentration to provide them with the quantitative tools to be successful in whatever area of clinical medicine and public health they choose. They will also have opportunities to pursue specific areas of public health interests in two ways: (a) through elective courses in other MPH tracks and (b) by engaging in a Practice Experience and a final Integrative Project to address these interests.