Comprehensive training

The OHSU MD/PhD program considers applicants nationally without geographical preference. Oregon residents and non-Oregon residents are considered equally.

Our program offers superb training in a wide range of scientific disciplines and laboratories, and also includes a structured exposure to clinical and translational research through our NIH-funded Clinical Translational Science Award. In addition to four years of study in our MD Program, students may choose to pursue graduate level research training in a variety of fields including Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, Neuroscience, Behavioral Neuroscience, Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology, and Quantitative Biosciences &  Biomedical Engineering.  

MD/PhD Curriculum
Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute

Information sessions

Monthly information sessions are held for prospective MD/PhD students on select Thursdays. Please review our Admissions page for more information and upcoming dates! Feel free to contact us with any other questions. 

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Program highlights

Expanding the Program

Read the 96,00 Square Miles blog post about OHSU expanding the MD/PhD program and highlighting the 2019 incoming class.

Driven to practice and to advance medicine


The OHSU MD/PhD program requires students to submit a F30 award, with an over 80% success rate. The most recent success rate was calculated in 2020 for those who have applied and received their F awards for cohorts who graduated in the last 10 years.
A 2010 OHSU News article highlights this accomplishment 

Residency Match

OHSU MD/PhD graduates match at residencies across the nation

2023 Matches

  • Boston Children's Hospital, Pediatrics
  • Johns Hopkins, Internal Medicine
  • OHSU, Anesthesiology
  • OHSU, Radiation Oncology
  • OHSU, General Surgery
  • Stanford University, Medicine-Anesthesiology
  • University of Pittsburgh, Psychiatry

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Program News

Tetiana Korzun

Originally from Ukraine and currently in her 2nd PhD year in the MD/PhD program, Tetiana interviewed by Oregon Public Broadcasting to reflect on family and friends at risk of Russian invasion. The early 2022 interview touches on what her life is like right now and what she is hearing from family and friends back home.

Sunil Joshi

Sunil is currently in his fourth year of Medical School and earned his PhD in Physiology and Pharmacology. Sunil was the 2022 national award winner in the Building Trust Essay contest for his essay “Don’t Impress, Just Express”. The contest asked medical students to reflect on a time where they built, lost, or restored trust in a health care setting.

Mollie Marr

Mollie, currently a fourth-year medical student who earned her PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience, was published in JAMA Network Open for her narrative medicine essay "Baby Girl". In this essay, Mollie reimagines her first weeks of life before adoption during her pediatrics rotation when she and the medical care team poured love and attention on another baby girl waiting for foster care placement. JAMA. 2022;328(2):145. doi:10.1001/jama.2022.10578


OHSU's MD/PhD program is a fully funded program covering tuition, fees, and health insurance, and providing stipends to all enrolled students. 

Funding is provided by the OHSU School of Medicine, endowed funds, and by the National Institute Of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number 5T32GM109835 "Medical Scientist Training Program of Oregon Health & Science University." 
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OHSU in the fast lane

Nature Index places OHSU as one of nine high performing, young universities.
The Knight Cancer Institute's work on AML treatment is a major focus.

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