Stepping-In for Respect

Creating a Culture of Respect and Inclusion Collaborative Project

The School of Medicine recently launched its Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Plan. Through Stepping-In for Respect, the School of Medicine reinforces its commitment to creating an environment where every individual has a sense of belonging, a voice that is heard, and the opportunity to achieve and thrive.

Designed in collaboration with UVA Health, Stepping-In for Respect is a bystander intervention training intended to cultivate a culture of respect and inclusion amongst colleagues and leaders, therefore having a positive impact on the workplace environment and healthcare delivery.

Workshop participants will learn and practice strategies for how to step in when witnessing or directly experiencing disruptive behaviors. Facilitators will help prepare participants turn difficult conversations into productive ones in order to stop disrespectful behaviors, reinforce our core values, and create our desired culture.

You will learn to:

  • Determine when intervention is needed by analyzing scenarios of real events in academic medicine
  • Apply intervention strategies for stepping in when witnessing or experiencing bias or discrimination
  • Reporting mechanisms and process
  • Role-play scenarios to practice your new skills

You will benefit by:

  • Having a better understanding of the harm bias and discrimination causes
  • Being able to have open and honest conversations with peers on how to handle situations of disrespect
  • Take an active role to mitigate harmful behaviors and acts

The Stepping-In for Respect training will enhance the School of Medicine's Active Bystander Intervention training offered through the School of Medicine Dean's Office, and compliments the skills of the 4D's: Delegate, Distract, Delay, and Direct taught in the training.

This training opportunity is for the School of Medicine faculty, staff and learners to gain intervention techniques to help us speak up for ourselves and those around us.

    Collaborative Project

    Stepping-In for Respect serves as the primary resource, data collection and networking site for this two-year multi-institutional effort to improve the quality of the healthcare environment for patients, providers and healthcare teams.

    The OHSU School of Medicine invested in and joined a national collaborative to create an environment of respect and inclusion by creating a training and interactive workshop using filmed scenarios and role-playing exercises.  The School is partnering with OHSU's Center of Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) in the rolling out of the training campus-wide. The curriculum will use Reader’s Theatre-script-based readings on actual experiences revolving around disrespect in an academic setting that were developed to raise awareness of bias and set expectations to step in and address bias. 

    Participants of the workshops are provided an opportunity to discuss response strategies are given institutional policies and protocols on reporting.  Workshops also offer relevant reporting and support resources that can support efforts for inclusion and eliminate bias in clinical and educational settings.  Participants also explore how messaging can foster an environment of respect and inclusion, set expectations for patients, staff and trainees.


    • A two-year engagement in IRB approved research with surveys to assess the effectiveness of workshops (pre-post and 6-month surveys) and an annual survey of trainees
    • Access to a web portal for the Collaborative that includes research surveys, all planning materials, videos, reader’s theatre, facilitator guides and resources to support organizational change
    • Opportunity to engage in a community of learning and practice with other healthcare institutions on challenges in fostering respect and inclusion.
    • Opportunity to collaborate on publications and presentations by the Collaborative on topics of respect and inclusion
    • Opportunity to track and present/publish single-institution data
    • Engagement and participation in the Train the Trainer Workshop
    • Data management for the survey and climate data at your institutions
    • Opportunity to contribute ideas, solutions, planning and resource materials to the Collaborative web portal

    Stepping-In for Respect collaborative partners

    • University of Virginia Health System
    • Duke University Health
    • Indiana University Health
    • Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
    • Johns Hopkins University Medical Center
    • University of Michigan Medicine
    • Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine