At OHSU, students and faculty collaborate to ask and to seek answers for big questions. The School of Medicine offers an outstanding suite of Ph.D., Masters and Graduate Certificate programs each with nationally and internationally known faculty in their fields. In our new Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Sciences, students curate a cross-disciplinary training experience to go both deep and broad in their research interests. Across all our programs, we are excited and prepared to challenge talented, diverse and inquisitive students to catalyze biomedical discovery advancing health for all.

Quick facts about research at OHSU

  • OHSU is ranked 30th in the nation for overall NIH funding among U.S. medical schools (2017 Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research)
  • $305 million in research funding FY 2017
  • Research funding has increased more than seven-fold since 1990
  • OHSU cancer researchers were the first to develop a successful targeted treatment for cancer: Gleevec, which attacks only the cancer cells and leaves the healthy cells alone
  • OHSU is the home of a 12-T magnetic resonance imaging system