About us

Undergraduate Medical Education (MD Program) is led by Dr. Tracy Bumsted, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education. The program is a branch of the School of Medicine Office of Education, which is headed by Dr. George Mejicano, Senior Associate Dean for Education. The program consists of the following units: 

  • Admissions
  • Advising, Colleges and Outreach
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum and Student Affairs 
  • Assessment

The program is responsible for managing all aspects of medical student education, including the admissions process, advising, outreach, curriculum, student services and activities, academic scheduling, grades and course support. The main office is located in the Robertson Life Science Building, fifth floor in the south tower. 

Photo of Tracy Bumsted
Tracy Bumsted, M.D., M.P.H.
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education
Photo of Amy Garcia, MD
Amy Garcia, M.D.
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Photo of Benjamin Schneider, MD
Benjamin Schneider, M.D.
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Photo of Tomo Ito
Tomo Ito, EdD
Assistant Dean, UME Curriculum
Photo of Robert Cloutier, MD, MCR
Robert Cloutier, M.D., MCR
Assistant Dean, UME Admissions
Photo of Paul Gorman, MD
Paul Gorman, M.D.
Assistant Dean, Rural Medical Education
Photo of Megan Furnari, MD
Megan Furnari, M.D.
Director, Medical Student Wellness & Leadership Development
Photo of Jeff Kraakevik
Jeff Kraakevik, M.D.
Director, CQI for MD Program Accrediation
Photo of Debbie Melton
Debbie Melton
Director, UME
Alex Shuford, PhD
Alex Shuford, Ph.D.
Director, UME Assessment
 Katy Guertin-Davis New
Katy Guertin-Davis, MS
Administrative Manager, Admissions
Photo of Kimberly Felipe
Kimberly Felipe, MA
Program Technician, Admissions
Photo of Kari Kriedburg
Kari Kriedburg
Interview Coordinator, Admissions
Photo of Vanessa Valdez
Vanessa Valdez, MS
Administrative Coordinator, Admissions
Photo of Carolyn Zook, PhD
Carolyn Zook, Ph.D.
Program Manager, Colleges
Photo of Vanessa Valdez
Vanessa Valdez, MS
Administrative Coordinator, Colleges
Alex Shuford, PhD
Alexandra Shuford, Ph.D.
Director, UME Assessments
Photo of Patrick Chung
Patrick Chung, senior Systems Analyst
Photo of Leslie Haedinger
Leslie Haedinger, MS
Program Manager, UME Assessments
Photo of Tomo Ito
Tomo Ito, EdD
Assistant Dean, UME Curriculum
Ashley Evans picture
Ashley Evans
Administrative Coordinator, UME Curriculum & Student Affairs
Photo of Cameron Budd
Cameron Budd
Program Technician, Data and Curriculum
Photo of Marcia DeCaro
Marcia DeCaro
Program Manger, Student Records
Photo of Samantha Peterson
Samantha Jo Peterson
Project Coordinator, Student Affairs & Scholarships
Photo of Meghan Rogers
Meghan Rogers
Program Tech, Rural and Multidisciplinary
Photo of Gretchen Scholl
Gretchen Scholl
Electronic Health Record Educational Informaticist
Photo of Kaitlin Seymore
Kaitlin Seymore
Program Tech, Student Records and Scheduling
Will Ragan photo
Will Ragan
Program Tech, UME Scholarly Project
Photo of Emily Larson
Emily Larson
Administrative Manager, TSO
Photo of Tyanne Conner
Tyanne Conner, MA
Program Technician, TSO
Photo of Nick Crampton
Nick Crampton
Multimedia Specialist 2
Photo of Jane Paeng
Jane Paeng
Program Technician, TSO
Photo of Matthew Rempes
Matthew Rempes
Preceptorship Coordinator
Kym Witmer's picture
Kym Witmer
Program Technician, TSO