Incoming Residents and Fellows

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Welcome to OHSU GME!

We are so glad that you will be joining us at Oregon Health & Science University.  We look forward to working with you throughout your continued medical education.

  • On Match Day (March 15, 2024), you will receive an email from MedHub, our residency management system, with instructions on how to login and begin the onboarding process. Additionally, you will receive an email from the GME team with a Welcome Booklet and OHSU benefits guide.
  • You will need to complete a variety of tasks such as answering demographic information and providing important details to start your hiring due by Tuesday, March 19, 2024.
  • There will be additional requirements such as viewing orientation videos, completing your application for an Oregon Medical board license, uploading documents via and much more the MedHub application that are due by Friday, April 5, 2024.

If you are relocating to Portland, OR, remember to keep your IDs and immunization records easily accessible and bring them with you the day of your GME check-in session. You will not be hired without two forms of government-issued ID in your current legal name.

The majority of GME onboarding is online. Detailed information about your GME check-in session can be found on the "GME Check-In Sessions" page. Your programs will likely be in contact with you about program-specific orientation.

You can find specific processes needed to onboard in the Welcome Booklet. Some of the sections of this booklet have been included below to make it easier for you to view.

Contact the GME office with any questions at or 503-494-8652.

Appointment Agreement and Policies

We wish to ensure all applicants to OHSU’s residency and fellowship programs have complete, timely, and accurate information before selecting or ranking a program. Below are links to a sample copy of the resident/fellow contract currently in use and OHSU’s policies related to eligibility for appointment to a residency or fellowship position and visa status.

You can view the current 23/24 House Officer Appointment Agreement here.

GME Policies:

March 15, 2024:

  • Match day
  • Medhub (Residency Management System Platform) login email sent. 
  • Welcome email including welcome booklet and benefits guide sent.
  • Medhub onboarding package sent.

March 19, 2024:

  • Current Contact Information form in Medhub onboarding package due
    • This form contains required information to start your hiring process.
  • Lab coat and scrubs form in Medhub onboarding package due
    • Processing time for lab coats and scrubs is lengthy, the sooner we get this information the sooner we can order them for you!

April 5, 2024:

  • The rest of your Medhub onboarding package is due, including:
    • NPI form 
    • Submit application to OMB
    • Contract
    • Incoming Information form 
    • Training videos
    • Photo 
    • Occupational Health Surveys 
    • Background check team has been in contact
    • Certifications and diplomas uploaded as available

Early April:

  • Background check team has been in contact with you
  • Drug screen team has been in contact with you
    • Once you receive the emails from these teams you have 48 hours to complete these screens.


  • Your GME check-in date will occur between June 10th and August 1st, depending on your program. This date will be communicated with you in your Medhub onboarding package.
  • Your check-in date requires you to be in person. More information about this will be sent to you via email.
  • Please remember to bring two forms of government-issued ID in your current legal name.

After your start date:

  • EPIC training (all new employees are required to take EPIC training if they are new to OHSU, regardless of previous experience with EPIC)
  • ACLS/BLS training
  • Program-specific onboarding (please contact your program for more information).
1. Have I passed the background check or drug screening?

Contact Advanced Reporting Contact information: 503-494- 4077;

2. When will I receive my contract?

​​​​​​You will receive your contract in the MedHub Onboarding package. We recommend saving a copy of your contract before you electronically sign it. If you forget to do this and need a copy, just email

3. My contract states 7/1-6/30 but I start 6/10, why?

As a resident, your clinical start date is 7/1. However, to make sure you have time to complete all orientation activities we have you start earlier than 7/1.

4. How is my pay level determined?

Post graduate year (PGY) level is determined based on how many full years of ACGME (or Canadian) accredited or ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties) certified training you have completed. For someone straight out of medical school, with no prior training in the US, you will be a PGY1. If you have completed a partial year of eligible training in the US, you can get partial credit. For example, if someone completed eighteen months of an ACGME program, they would come in as a PGY 2 for six months, at which time they would matriculate to the PGY3 pay level. If you are unsure whether your program is ACGME or ABMS certified, check the ACGME website or the appropriate Board’s website.

5. When should I complete the onboarding package?
  • Complete the Current Contact and Lab Coats and Scrubs form by March 19, 2024.
  • Complete the rest of the package before April 5, 2024.
6. My address will change soon so what should I put on my forms?

​​​​​​Put your current address on all forms. You will update these forms at your GME check-in but we need your current address to issue your drug screen.

7. When will my benefits start?

Your benefits will start on your date of hire. Your date of hire will be the day of your GME check-in.

You will have default benefits that cover only you (OHSU PPO, Delta dental, $25,000 in life insurance) until you log into AIS/Oracle and make changes on your date of hire. You will have 30 days from your date of hire to make any changes. The only other time you can make changes to your benefits is if you have a qualifying life event or during open enrollment in the fall.

Any changes made to your benefits, including adding family members will take effect on your GME check-in Day. The OHSU benefits team has put together a detailed voice over PowerPoint for you to watch on your GME check-in day to help understand your options. You can discuss benefits with the Benefits office if you have specific questions, 

8. Is pregnancy a pre-existing condition for health coverage?

Pregnancy is not a pre-existing condition for health benefits.

9. When is my first paycheck?

6/10/2024 and 6/14/2024:

  • First Paycheck: 6/21/2024
  • First Full Paycheck: 7/5/2024


  • First Paycheck: 7/19/2024
  • First Full Paycheck: 7/19/2024


  • First Paycheck: 8/16/2024
  • First Full Paycheck: 8/30/2024

If your start date is mid payroll week, then your first paycheck may not be your first full paycheck. If your start date is not listed above, you may reach out to for the your first paycheck and first full paycheck date.

10. I didn’t get the email for my drug screen or background check, what should I do?

If you do not receive the Advanced Reporting e-mail by April 10, please check your junk or spam folders. If it is not found, please e-mail Advanced Reporting at

11. I am going to be away from my area for travel, what should I do about my drug screen?

We ask for travel dates in the Medhub onboarding package. Advanced Reporting will reach out and verify the dates to make sure you get your drug screen request outside of these dates.

12. I am changing my name. What should I put on my forms?

If your name will be changed by the middle of May, use your new name on the forms. You MUST have TWO new government issued IDs in your new name at your GME Check-in. If your new name will not change before your start date, then please delay applying for your limited license until after your name is changed.

If your name will not be changed before your state date, we will help you with your name changes after you’re hired. Please do all of your paperwork in your current name. If you are applying for an unlimited license, you should apply now in your current legal name and we will help you change it in the future.

If you have any questions about your name change please contact, Sam Milholland,

13. When should I apply for Oregon Medical License?

The sooner the better, especially if you are fellow who needs a Full Unlimited License.

14. What kind of license should I apply for?

Most trainees obtain a post graduate limited license. Please make sure you apply for a MD Post Graduate limited license, not a Fellow limited license, even if you are a fellow. If you are on a Visa, a post graduate limited license is your only license option.

Some trainees obtain an unlimited license (also referred to as “Full” license). In order to be eligible for an unlimited license, you have to have passed all three steps of USMLE. Fellows may want to get an unlimited license if you desire to moonlight and/or need to sit for Boards (you can check with your program to determine if this license type is needed). OHSU requires all residents/fellows to have a license, either limited or unlimited at all times.

15. Will GME pay for my license?

OHSU will pay for post graduate limited licenses only. Please select the “Pay by Mail” option when completing your application and OHSU will be billed directly.

16. Does OHSU GME offer full-covering scrubs?

Yes, GME will purchase full-covering scrubs for any trainee. If you are interested in having a set of full-covering scrubs ordered for you, please reach out to

Please refer to the Avicenna Scrubs sizing chart here.

Welcome Booklet

Background Check

You will receive an e-mail from Advanced Reporting, OHSU’s background check vendor, on approximately April 5, 2024. The e-mail will contain a secure, one-time use link. You will link to Advanced Reporting’s secure portal where you will complete the authorization and disclosure and enter personal information. This enables Advanced Reporting to complete the background check. Please allow at least 15 minutes to enter your personal information for your background check. Once you begin entering your information, you must complete it within that session. Keep in mind, this link will expire in 5 days. For technical difficulties with your background check, please contact Advanced Reporting at (888) 375-0451For trainees whose start date is in July or August, expect an email around May 13th.

It is important to submit your information as soon as possible to ensure a quick turnaround, so that you may be cleared for work.

If you do not receive the Advanced Reporting e-mail by April 10, please check your junk or spam folders.  If it is not found, please e-mail Advanced Reporting at

Pre-Employment Drug Screen

Your pre-employment drug screen will be coordinated by A WorkSAFE Service Inc once the background check has been authorized. If testing within the State of Oregon A WorkSAFE Service Inc. will send you an e-mail with a list of collection sites. This list will include the collection sites name, address, phone number, and hours of operation. If you are testing outside the State of Oregon the e-mail they provide will include an attachment with a bar code. The attachment will also include the collection site name, address, and phone number.  Please take a printed copy of your e-mail to the collection site. You have 2 days upon receipt of the e-mail to go to the collection site and complete your drug screen. If the e-mail is not in your inbox please check your spam/junk folder. If not found, please e-mail A WorkSAFE Service at If you have any address change in the process, please e-mail A Work Safe Service.

Employment shall not be finalized except upon completion of a negative drug screen result, which includes marijuana screening. Despite Oregon state law regarding marijuana use and possession, OHSU will continue to adhere to federal law and maintain a zero-tolerance policy in this regard. Test results are confidential as required by federal and state laws. OHSU pays for pre-employment drug screen testing.

Required Actions:

1. Activate your Enterprise Health account

  • You will receive an email with instructions and an activation code for setting up an account in Enterprise Health, OHSU’s Occupational Health system. Please watch for an email from <> with the subject line “Portal activation instructions” (and please be sure to check your junk mail folder).
  • Follow the instructions in the email for “New user registration” to activate your Enterprise Health account. If you need assistance, email

2. Upload documentation of your COVID-19 vaccination

  • Once you have activated your Enterprise Health account, upload proof of your full vaccination record, including the most up-to-date vaccine (as of September 2023) under the “Forms/Surveys/Documents”.
  • If you are not up to date with COVID-19 vaccination and choose to decline vaccination, you must complete and submit a declination form through Enterprise Health.

3. Upload documentation of all other past immunizations/titers you’ve received (HepB, MMR, Varicella, Tdap, TB screening).

  • Upload your past immunization/titer records on the “Forms/Surveys/Documents” tab.
  • Valid records should contain two unique patient identifiers that can be confirmed (i.e. name and DOB).

4. Complete your necessary Health Assessment Surveys.

  • Responses to these surveys help us identify potential risks and the appropriate tests, immunizations and other procedures to keep you healthy and safe while at work.
  • Standard Respirator Survey – Baseline
  • Tuberculosis Screening Survey - Baseline

What to expect at your GME Session for Occupational Health Requirements:

  • Occupational Health will be performing the TB Screening using the Quantiferon Gold (QFN – IGRA), N95 fit testing, immunizations, and blood draws as needed.
  • Per OSHA regulations, respirator fit testing cannot be conducted for individuals with facial hair.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact at any time. We look forward to meeting you!
  • All residents and fellows must have an Oregon medical license prior to beginning training and must maintain a license throughout training. 
  • You may have either a Post-Graduate Limited License (MD/DO Postgraduate) or an Unlimited License (Full Permanent MD/DO License)
  • OHSU pays for all post-graduate limited medical licenses for trainees in GME programs.

Notes for Fellows:

  • Apply for either a Postgraduate Limited License or an Unlimited Full Permanent License, do NOT apply for the MD Fellow License.
  • Some specialty boards require that you have an unlimited license to take your board exams.  Please check with your specialty board to ensure you get the correct type of license. 
  • Some programs require that you have an unlimited license for ACGME Requirements in the parameters of your program. Please check with your program coordinator to ensure you get the correct type of license. If this is the case, your unlimited license may be eligible for reimbursement.

Postgraduate Limited License Instructions:

  1. To apply, follow the link in your MedHub Onboarding dashboard to the Oregon Medical Board’s website (
    1. New users will have to register. 
    2. Save your OMB password for future use.  You will need it to log back in to the system.
  2. After registering on the site, select your profession  à  Limited Temporary License  à  MD/DO Postgraduate-RESIDENT (even if you are a fellow).
  3. Put OHSU for your HOME, MAILING and PRACTICE address: OHSU, 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd. L-579, Portland, OR 97239
    1. NOTE:  The address you list is public information, which is why we ask that you enter the above OHSU address for your HOME, MAILING, and PRACTICE address.
  4. Under “Intended Oregon Practice Location” indicate “OHSU”– in this exact abbreviated format.
  5. Start and end dates for license should span 13 months:
    1. Example: If your contract start date is 7/1, license dates should be: 7/1/24 – 7/31/25
  6. Enter your Medical/Osteopathic school information. 
  7. Under “Postgraduate Training”, click the “update” button.  Include your prior training, if any, as well as the training you will be doing for academic year 2024-2025. In the training program box, indicate “OHSU”.
  8. Enter licensing exam information, even if scores are pending.
  9. Enter specialty information. If you do not see your specialty listed, choose the closest substitute and then email the OMB (  to give them your exact specialty information
  10. Under “Licensure History” enter all health related licenses for which you have ever applied.
  11. Under “Employment” list all medically related employment outside of a training program, including any moonlighting.
  12. Complete all personal history questions, including explanations if needed.
    1. PLEASE NOTE: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION MAY BE REQUIRED. Please review the online status report often, as this is how the OMB will communicate the type of required documents if necessary. This could lengthen your application approval time, so submit your application as early as possible for review.
  13. Chronologically list all of your activities since completion of medical school that are not already listed in the “Postgraduate Training” section.  This should include any gaps over one month in length.
  14. Submit a photo to  or upload directly to application portal. 
    1. You will need to submit a passport-style photo taken within the past 90 days. You cannot utilize a previous submitted photo. Please send directly to the Oregon Medical Board in order to complete your application.  This does not have to be a professional portrait, but should have a plain background. This photo is not posted so “selfies” are acceptable.
  15. In the Required Documentation Checklist, where you see “If you are appointed at summer start time, request your name on the list…”, you do not need to request to be added to the list. GME has already submitted your name to the Oregon Medical Board as a new trainee with OHSU. 
  16. Record your Application number and remember your password.  This is your login to the OMB site.
  17. Check the “Attestation/Certification Statement” box and “SUBMIT”.
  18. Payment: 
    1. Post-Graduate Limited Licenses : Select “pay by mail”; GME will send payment on your behalf.
    2. Unlimited Licenses : Pay OMB licensing fees online at the time of your application. If your unlimited license is eligible for reimbursement (see below), we will process your reimbursement post-application.

*After you select “pay by mail”, you will be redirected to the homepage. Your application has been submitted, and you should see your license processed with in a few weeks. You may keep an eye on your OMB profile for messages from OMB staff regarding any additional documentation they are needing from you.

Unlimited Full Permanent License:

If you are interested in obtaining instructions and reviewing eligibility for an unlimited license please view the  OMB website: Before you apply for an unlimited license, please contact the GME office to obtain permission, as the OMB will require a letter from us allowing you to apply while you are in our postgraduate education program.

You will need to start this process as early as possible. Allow at least twelve weeks for completion of the unlimited license application. If you are interested in obtaining an Unlimited License effective 7/1/2024, you will need to have the application submitted to the OMB by early April. Be sure to track the completion of your application on the OMB’s On-line Status Report (OSR) to ensure it is issued in time for your start date.  As there are several factors that may lengthen the unlimited license application process, please be aware that a full license may not be issued to you by 7/1/2024.  In that case, please email GME to discuss options.

If you are on a visa, or planning to have a visa, you cannot have an unlimited license or moonlight.

You may need an unlimited license to sit for your specialty boards or if it is needed to meet ACGME requirements in your program. Double-check with your boards and your program to determine this. If you are on a Visa please reach out to the GME office before applying for an unlimited license.

Unlimited Full Permanent License Reimbursement Eligibility:

GME only covers the cost of an unlimited license if your program requires an unlimited license because of an ACGME requirement within the parameters of your program. GME does not cover the cost of unlimited licenses if obtained to moonlight or prepare for future employment. If you are unsure if your unlimited license is required by your program due to ACGME program requirements, please check with your program coordinator. If your unlimited license is eligible for reimbursement, please email

Check your Status

We recommend you check the status of your license application two weeks after submission.  Go to the OMB website at Under Applicant/Licensee Services choose “Check my application status” and log in using your application ID and password.

For More Information

Basic application information, eligibility requirements and other general information is available on the OMB webpage under the “Licensing” heading:

If you have any questions about the license application or your current status please call the Oregon Medical Board directly, at 971-673-2700 or email the OMB, at  They are open M-F from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1 - 3 p.m. PST.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that all care providers have a National Provider Identification (NPI) number. OHSU requires you to obtain an NPI for prescribing in our electronic medical record system, EPIC. Please apply now for your NPI and provide it to GME via your MedHub Onboarding dashboard. This will ensure your smooth transition to practice patient care at OHSU. This NPI is unique to you and will remain the same throughout your career.

If you do not have a US Social Security Number, you will not be able to apply for an NPI at this time. Please skip this task until you have received a US Social Security Number. When you obtain your SSN, please return to the Medhub Onboarding package to provide both your SSN and your NPI numbers.

Each provider will receive a unique NPI.  It is a 10-digit number that is intelligence free, meaning it does not contain any information about the provider, such as specialty or place of practice.  It does not cost anything to obtain an NPI.  Since it is a permanent number, changes in practice location, license status and other demographic information about the provider need to be reported to CMS within 30 days of the change. If you already have an NPI number please update the practice address to OHSU once you move. The NPI will be used in electronic medical record systems to streamline processes and reporting.

To apply online, go to: NPPES ( and follow the steps to create a new account or amend existing account.

Here is a list of information you will need to complete the application:

  • Select “individual” for provider type.
  • Provider Name (you)
  • SSN
  • Provider Date of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • State of Birth (if Country of Birth is U.S.)
  • Provider Gender
  • Sole Proprietor (please mark NO, this is for people who are self-employed)
  • Mailing Address (use OHSU’s mailing address, not your personal home address)
    • OHSU3181 SW Sam Jackson Park RoadPortland OR 97239, 503-494-8211
  • Practice Location Address and Phone Number (OHSU)
  • Taxonomy (Student, Health Care 390200000X)
  • State License Information (Not required with student taxonomy information)
  • Contact Person Name (you)
  • Contact Person Phone (you)
  • Contact Person Email (you)

For NPI technical support contact 1-800-465-3203 or email

The following required online training videos are directly related to your role as a clinical provider and an OHSU employee. These videos provide additional information that may not be covered at your GME Check-In session.

This requirement of your MedHub onboarding package is hosted through OHSU’s media system Echo360. Please follow the below instructions to access your Echo360 account and view the required learning modules. For screenshots of the below instructions see your MedHub onboarding package.

  1. Go to Your account has already been created for you, but you will need to create a password.
  2. Click on “Forgot your password?”
  3. Enter email address and click “SEND EMAIL”
  4. Check email inbox/junk folder entered in step 3, for an email from with subject “Echo360 password reset”
  5. Click the big blue “RESET PASSWORD” button in the email body
  6. Enter a new password and click “SAVE”.
  7. The next screen is your dashboard.  Congratulations!  Your account is ready to use. To view modules, click on “COURSES”.
  8. Click on the module title to proceed to the video. Once viewed, the green play button will turn gray. You can pause and return to the modules at any time. They can also be viewed multiple times. All videos must be viewed by May 31, 2024.

If you experience any issues loading videos, please report it to

Photo Requirements

As part of your incoming paperwork you will need to upload a professional, passport-style color photo to MedHub.  This photo will be used for your OHSU ID Badge and the House Officer Photo Roster, so please submit a high quality image and follow the requirements below:

  • Have someone other than yourself take your photo. Please, no selfies.
  • Directly face the camera (head and shoulders visible)
  • Photo must be in color
  • Use a solid colored background
  • Allowable graphic formats: JPG, GIF, PNG
  • Recommended photo size: Larger than 200 x 200px and smaller than 500 x 500px
  • Files must be smaller than 3MB
  • Do not manipulate the image in any way (i.e. with Photoshop, filters, etc.)

If you have any questions, contact the GME office at

Information about badges:

When submitting the orders for your badge, we use the information below you submit via your onboarding package:

  • The photo you upload
  • The Legal first and last names as you enter them
  • Your educational degrees pulled from your ERAS application
  • Preferred pronouns if you enter them into your Medhub form
  • Your official title (resident or fellow)
  • Your official program (the department you are based in)

If on the GME check-in day you do not like how your badge is displayed, please keep your badge and complete the form to update your badge. This form will be kept by the parking office. Please allow for a week minimum for the updated badge.