Tuition and Fees

OHSU’s tuition and fee schedule is updated annually.

The total cost of attendance is publicly available through OHSU’s Estimated Cost of Attendance webpage here: For a detailed breakdown of Radiation Therapy Program tuition and fees, navigate to the 2023-2024 OHSU Tuition and Fees dropdown and click the Tuition and Fees document. Radiation Therapy Technology is listed on page 5.

In addition to current estimated OHSU tuition and fees for graduate programs, the Estimated Total Cost of Attendance webpage contains a worksheet and other useful information for calculating your total cost of living in Portland while attending OHSU.

  • Clinical Transportation: students must have vehicle or access to reliable transportation for clinical rotations
  • Life and Disability Insurance: refer to handbook, program provides at no cost to students
  • Navy Blue Scrubs: fees included in financial aid package
  • Books and Supplies: see cost estimates by term below
RDTT Other Program Fees 2023

Financial aid information

Financial Aid is arranged through the Financial Aid Office or by calling (503) 494-7800. Any financial aid program that requires documentation by the Program Director must be given to the Program Director two weeks prior to the due date. Veteran's Assistance may require a record of attendance for academic/clinic instruction on a monthly basis. Forms are available in the Registrar's Office.

For more information regarding financial aid for the academic year, please visit the Financial Aid Office website.

Scholarship information

Scholarships for individuals pursuing a career in Radiation Technology are available through many avenues; the American Society of Radiologic Technology (ASRT) has a number of opportunities specifically for students studying radiologic sciences.  Additional scholarship opportunities are also available through EduMed

All students offered admission into the Radiation Therapy Program are considered for the following OHSU scholarship opportunity:

  • OHSU President's Fund: To ensure that OHSU graduate students have the opportunity to help address the healthcare needs of Oregon, the region, and the US, the OHSU President’s Fund will provide funds to qualified students from diverse backgrounds to become health professionals. Funds are provided to internally selected students and will cover full tuition and required fees charged to the student’s account for the length of the standard RT program.
  • OHSU Provost Excellence Scholarships: OHSU offers the Provost Excellence Scholarship to students whose backgrounds are underrepresented in the health profession. This diversity is vital to serving the health care needs of Oregonians. The scholarship covers half the tuition and required fees for the standard duration of this program. All applicants are automatically considered for this scholarship:
    • No separate application required.
    • Selected students will receive notice of the scholarship with their acceptance letters.
    • Please contact to learn more.

2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

As noted in earlier communications, the upcoming 2024-25 financial aid year (Summer 2024-Spring 2025) includes substantial changes to the financial aid application process and awarding.   As a result, the Department of Education, as well as all colleges/universities, must implement updated software to process the applications.  Unfortunately, Department of Education has delayed the release of the FAFSA that is normally available on October 1.   These delays have also prevented college/university financial aid software providers from being able to release an updated version of software to institutions. 

The Department of Education has now opened the FAFSA as a soft launch for 2024-25.  However, they are monitoring the system to see if any issues arise and may limit access at times.  We are currently hearing that there are issues they are working through. Therefore, we would advise waiting to submit an application until the third week in January

Here are some steps you can take to expedite your financial aid application:

  1. Apply Early: As of third week of January, do not delay in applying for aid. The sooner you submit your application, the better.
  2. FSAID Preparation: Ensure that your FSAID (Federal Student Aid ID) is ready to use. This is the same ID you used for applying for aid this year.
    1. If you are a married student or a dependent student who is required to include your parental information, there is additional information below on how your spouse or parents’ information will be included on your FAFSA.
    2. If you do not have a FSAID, you can get one on the Department of Education website.  It is recommended you set up that ID before applying for financial aid (allow about 3 business days for processing).  You can therefore create those ID’s while you are currently waiting to apply for financial aid.  The Department of Education also has created video regarding how to create the FSAID.
  3. Review Questions Carefully: Pay close attention to the questions on the FAFSA form. Many questions are different from prior years.
    1. For dependent students, review the information regarding which parent(s) must be included in your FAFSA.
  4. School Selection: Make sure you list OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University 004883) as a school that should receive your information.

Regarding the next steps after applying for aid:

  • During the soft launch of the FAFSA, when you submit your completed 2024–25 FAFSA form, the Department of Education will send an email confirming that they received your form.
  • The Department of Education has indicated that schools will not start receiving applications until late January. Therefore, we will not be able to see your application right away.  The Department of Education will send you an email when your FAFSA information has been sent to your selected schools.
  • Rest assured that once we have your aid application and the implementation of the new software, we will email each applicant to indicate we have received the FAFSA and if additional information is needed at that time.  We anticipate starting to send out those emails in mid to late February.  Note:  as the application moves through the application process, there are times when a student may be asked for information more than once.  If information is requested, respond promptly.  Your application will not proceed through the awarding process until we have received that information.
    • After the soft launch of the FAFSA and OHSU can load applications, typically, we will send out email notifications once we receive your completed FAFSA. Previously, we would receive your application within 3 business days after you would have submitted the FAFSA. For the new application process, it could be subject to change.
  • While we do not currently have a set timeline for awarding, students will be notified via email when they are awarded.

Married Students and Dependent Students

Beginning this year, there are changes to how a spouse or parent will have their information included on you FAFSA.  For FAFSA purposes, these people are considered contributors to your FAFSA.  

  • For married students, your spouse would only be considered a contributor if you and your spouse did not file a joint 2022 Federal Tax Return.  If you filed taxes separately, your spouse will need to get a FSAID with separate email account. 
  • For dependent students (those required to include their parental information on the FAFSA) there will be additional information included in the application process that will help you determine which parent(s) to report.   For anyone required to report, they will also need a FSAID with a separate email account.
  • For more information on contributors, please see this Department of Education video. 


  • The new demographic data collected on the FAFSA (gender, race, and ethnicity) will not be sent to the schools indicated on the FAFSA and will not be used in determining eligibility.

Since the new FAFSA application process is just launching, if there are further delays to applying for aid, we will send an additional email.

If you have questions, please contact our office at or by calling 503-494-7800.

Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion Scholarships

Below is information about the scholarships through the Oregon Student Access and Completion (OSAC). You do not have to wait to be admitted to a program to apply for scholarships.

Students attending OHSU fall 2024 through spring 2025 may now apply for scholarships through Oregon's Office of Student Access and Completion. In 2023-24, OHSU students were awarded over $350,000 in OSAC scholarships.

This one OSAC application covers more than 600 scholarship programs valued at more than $10 million. While various scholarships are available, some are related to health profession students. There are also scholarships that do not require Oregon residency.

Early bird deadline: 5 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 15. Error-free applications submitted by this deadline receive an early review and will be entered into one of several $1,000 early bird scholarship drawings.

Final application deadline: 5 p.m., Monday, April 1. All materials must be submitted to OSAC.

Apply here.