Matriculation Requirements


OHSU and the Radiation Therapy program require all entering students to be current with required immunizations prior to matriculation. The university's policy regarding immunizations may be found on the OHSU Student Health and Wellness Center website. (Policy No. 03-30-130, revised 11/14/2018; Policy No. 02-90-010, revised 08/18/2020)

Background check

Per OHSU policy, a criminal background check is required for all entering students. The background check includes criminal history and previous address information. (Policy No. 03-10-011, revised 12/21/2015)

Prospective students are not required to disclose criminal convictions prior to receiving an offer of admission. Following a conditional admission offer, prospective students will undergo a pre-matriculation background check pursuant to policy and procedures available on the OHSU Public Safety website.  However, OHSU is a university of health professions, and it is possible that professional and occupational licensure requirements may prohibit individuals with criminal convictions from ultimately obtaining a professional license. Licensure requirements vary by state and prospective students are encouraged to consult their state licensing agency for more information.

If a prospective student is denied admission due to a criminal conviction, they may appeal the final admissions decision to the Office of the Provost at

Student drug and alcohol testing

To promote the health, safety and productivity of students and clients in their care, OHSU policy (OHSU Student Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy No. 02-01-003, revised 10/19/2017) states all students accepted to education programs with a clinical component must successfully pass an initial drug screening. The drug testing program will consist of pre-clinical experience testing of students and "for cause" testing for any student suspected of being under the influence of unlawful drugs or alcohol during their course of study. All Radiation Therapy students accepted to the program must successfully pass an initial drug screening at matriculation. Additional drug testing may be required dependent upon the program policies for individual clinical placements and 'for cause' testing during the 24-month course of study.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996)

As part of the HIPAA privacy standards, OHSU is required to educate all members of its workforce on how HIPAA will affect their role here. Our workforce includes all employees, students, faculty, staff and volunteers. Information Privacy and Security training must be completed before computer access or physical access to areas containing protected health information (PHI) is granted or within 30 days of beginning duties at OHSU, whichever is sooner. Those who fail to meet this requirement are subject to corrective action, up to and including termination of their relationship with OHSU. (Policy No. 01-05-012, revised 10/09/2020)

Respect at the university

In addition, everyone at OHSU, including employees, students, faculty, and volunteers, is required to complete the Respect at the University training. OHSU is legally obligated to train its workforce and student population regarding the prohibition against unlawful discrimination and harassment in the workplace and educational environment. Consistent with this obligation, OHSU maintains policies that prohibit unlawful discrimination and provide for a complaint procedure to address concerns. This course is one of several mechanisms used to disseminate OHSU's expectations to prevent unlawful discrimination and harassment and to reinforce OHSU's Code of Conduct, which requires everyone at the university to engage in respectful behavior. 

Integrity foundations

OHSU employees, students, faculty and volunteers are required to complete an Integrity Foundations module annually. 

Basic Life Support certification (BLS)

All students are required to have current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification designed for Health Care Providers. The BLS certification is required to enable you to participate in these clinical practice settings during both the academic and clinical phases of the program. BLS certification will be provided by the program during the first term of enrollment.