The Radiation Therapy Program at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) prepares professional students in the field of radiation oncology, a highly specialized branch of medicine that utilities ionizing radiation in the treatment of disease. The radiation therapist is a professional member of the Radiation Oncology team which includes physicians, physicists, dosimetrists, nurses and social workers.

Through the combination of didactic and clinical education, the Program provides Radiation Therapy students with a strong foundation in oncological diseases, physics, patient care and clinical skills. Technical skills gained will allow students to utilize ionizing-radiation producing equipment in the treatment of cancer for both curative and palliative purposes. In addition to meeting the technical requirements, graduates will possess the knowledge and skills to provide the appropriate patient care and patient-centered communication to patients and their families experiencing the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Students from the class of 2020 in the RLSB building.

Program history

The Radiation Therapy Program has deep roots at Oregon Health & Science University. Radiation oncology programs have existed in some form since the 1930s, when the institution was still the University of Oregon Medical School. Over the years, radiation oncology evolved into a number of programs and departments, including the modern Radiation Therapy Program.

The current Radiation Therapy Program began as a certificate program in 1971 under the Department of Radiation Therapy, now known as the Department of Radiation Medicine. In 1994, Director Emeritus Anne Maddeford established the Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy program. The OHSU Radiation Therapy Program is now recognized as one of the premier programs of its type in the United States.

For more on the history of the OHSU Department of Radiation Medicine, visit their website.