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Our school in 2023

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The School of Medicine is a leader in education, research and clinical care. By the numbers:

  • 900 residents and fellows
  • 1,256 students and 943 trainees
  • 2,632 faculty members
  • 6,397 employees
  • 20,862 alumni
  • $393 million in sponsored project research awards (FY 2022)
  • $473 million in net patient care revenue (FY 2022)
  • $1.14 billion budget (FY 2023)

Our work at a glance

The OHSU School of Medicine supports the three-part institutional mission of education, research and clinical care.

The OHSU School of Medicine is breaking the mold to offer our more than 2,100 students and trainees the most relevant preparation for a dynamic health care and biomedical research environment, in which physicians and scientists advance human health for all and serve where needed, from urban to rural settings.

In turn, students and trainees are increasingly shaping the culture of academic medicine with their advocacy for a more diverse, inclusive, respectful and healthy climate.

The mission includes the full spectrum of education:

  • Undergraduate Medical Education (the M.D. program)
  • Graduate Studies, including the biomedical sciences and the Physician Assistant master’s degree program
  • Graduate Medical Education (residents and fellows)
  • Continuing Professional Development

Graduate Medical Education is greatly expanding residency slots in partnership with hospitals across the state. In addition to bringing their capacity, talents and fresh ideas to Oregon’s clinician workforce, GME trainees often settle as physicians in the communities where they train, bolstering the GME expansion as a grow-your-own initiative.

We are a vibrant community pursuing some of the biggest questions in health and biomedical science. How can the brain better heal itself? How can we detect cancer earlier? How can vulnerable populations better access health care?

Faculty, postdoctoral fellows, research staff, residents/fellows and graduate and M.D. students all conduct research in the school. We answer fundamental questions about how our body works. We unravel the mysteries of disease. We develop new treatments and therapies. We analyze how health systems and our everyday environment impact health.

We investigate today for a better tomorrow.

Our scientists attract $393 million in research funding, and our studies appear in top journals. We comprise the largest portion of OHSU’s research portfolio.

But the measure of our success is the difference we make in people's lives, from our fellow Oregonians to people around the world. To do that, the school works with colleagues across the university and around the world to create an intellectually rich and collegial environment where researchers can do their best work.

We invite you to discover research in the School of Medicine.

The OHSU Practice Plan is the largest organized clinical practice in Oregon. Its more than 2,485 clinician members include physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other providers that care for patients at OHSU Health hospitals and medical clinics.

OPP members are in a unique position to be active clinicians while maintaining strong roots in the education and research missions. In addition, affiliate faculty in communities and private practices across the state help educate OHSU students – the providers of tomorrow.

OPP leaders and clinical faculty members are integrally involved in OHSU Health’s growing clinical enterprise. They help cultivate the relationships with partners at Hillsboro Medical Center and Adventist Health Portland and beyond. They share knowledge and advance treatments to uphold patient care standards. Their professional satisfaction and wellness is paramount in this time of change and growth.

Annual reports


Economic impact

The school operates on a $1.14 billion budget. (FY 2023)

The school generated $473 million in net patient care revenue in FY 2022.

Researchers received $384 million in sponsored project research awards in FY 2022.

Statewide reach

School of Medicine - statewide reach in serving all Oregonians, updated February 2019
This map illustrates the School of Medicine's involvement throughout the state of Oregon. Click to enlarge and view as a PDF.

As the state's only academic health center, OHSU's mission includes a number of activities and programs that no other hospital can offer:

  • Educating the next generation of health care providers
  • Discovering new cures
  • Providing care for the most vulnerable and difficult cases
  • Reaching out to all 36 Oregon counties

The School of Medicine strives to serve all Oregonians and enhance our "96,000 square mile campus."