M.D. Diversity Mentorship Program

SOM Diversity Mentees

OHSU School of Medicine is pleased to offer the M.D. Diversity Mentorship Program which offers a mentorship opportunity for first and second-year M.D. students. Students who are members of diverse student interest groups, the first in a family to attend medical school or come from a rural upbringing are invited to apply.

The program seeks to pair up students with physicians (mentors) with similar backgrounds and interests. Mentors and mentees will meet monthly - in person or virtually -  on a schedule they design over the next nine months.  Mentors and mentees will have an opportunity to meet before the match.

The program provides a valuable outlet for physicians to build professional relationships and connect with diverse students in the School of Medicine. Are you interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee?

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Time Commitment: Mentors and mentees will choose when and where to meet based on what works best for their schedules over the 10 month program period from late January to November. Meetings can take place in person, coffee shops, via video media (Skype, FaceTime, etc.,) and/or over the phone. The schedule they determine is very flexible.

Mentoring Meetings: The purpose of these one-on-one meetings is to build and maintain a positive relationship while focusing on topics related to career and professional development in Medicine. Mentors may also provide insight, advice, information, and opportunities in the profession.

Training: Mentors and mentees will receive resources, information, and training opportunities to support effective communication and professional development. 

Match: Mentors and mentees will be matched by their interests, profile, specialty of medicine and more. The mentoring matches will be one to one and there will be no changes once mentees and mentors are paired.

Mentee Requirements & Expectations:

  • Be a first or second-year medical student and a member of a SOM Diversity Interest Group. First generational students will be given priority
  • Schedule and meet with your mentor during the length of the program
  • Be in good standing
  • Attend a Meet and Greet event (virtual)
  • Fill out a short survey questionnaire at the end of the program

Mentor Requirements & Expectations:

  • Be a clinician or faculty member or resident of OHSU and or NWP
  • Submit an application
  • Be in good standing 
  • Attend a Meet and Greet event (virtual)
  • Fill out a short survey questionnaire at the end of the program
  • Schedule and meet with your mentee during the length of the program
  • Mentors do not need previous mentoring experience

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Leslie Garcia, M.P.A., Ed.D., Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, OHSU School of Medicine