Graduate Medical Education Check-In Sessions

computer on a desk with notepad

GME check-in sessions offer you a chance to complete many new employee tasks in one-stop. 

  • All incoming trainees have been assigned to a one-day GME check-in session. 
  • Attendance for the full day is mandatory
  • Your program coordinator will contact you regarding your check-in session date and other orientation activities.

Mandatory to bring two forms of ID in current legal name and immunization records to day one of check-in sessions

It is mandatory to bring two forms of ID in your current legal name and your immunization records to day one of your GME check-in sessions.  See Welcome Booklet for acceptable forms of ID.

You cannot be hired without appropriate ID.  

If you are moving, remember to keep your IDs and immunization records easily accessible and bring them with your to day one of your GME check-in session. 

Check-in session activities

  • GME presentation
  • Activate OHSU network login
  • New hire paperwork (bring two forms of ID, see page in Welcome Booklet for acceptable ID)
  • Occupational Health
    • N-95 mask fitting
    • TB Screening
  • Obtain OHSU ID badge
  • Obtain OHSU pager
  • Obtain OHSU scrubs and lab coats
  • Sign up for direct deposit
  • Sign up for parking
  • Check-in with the VA
    • If you rotate to the VA you will take an oath of appointment, get your fingerprints verified, and get your VA ID badge photo taken.
  • Online training modules (bring laptop, charger, and headphones) 
  • Sign up for benefits
  • Participate in interactive tables/hospital orientation fair

You will sign up for benefits at your check-in appointment. We will review the options at your check-in session but we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the OHSU benefits options before you arrive.