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Symposium on Educational Excellence

Symposium on Educational Excellence 2017

Event postponed

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Theme: Transformational Education

This day-long symposium brings together faculty, students and staff from across OHSU to share and learn about the innovative projects and practices that support our shared educational mission.

  • Keynote speaker: Larry Roper of Oregon State University
  • Snap talks, presentation sessions, and a poster session on innovative educational projects and practices around campus
  • Awards reception for this year’s Poster Session winners and Sakai Award winners

Types of presentations

  • Snap talks: 10-minute talks that immediately follow the keynote address and share new educational innovations on campus (read more about snap talk use in another conference).
  • Presentation sessions: 45-65-minute presentations throughout the day that actively engage attendees around a variety of education-related practices including teaching, assessment, and research.
  • Posters: Traditional or “Better” posters that share education-related research, projects, and practices on campus.
  • Tabling: Displays by education-related groups on campus during lunch and the poster session.

Contact us

Please contact the conference planning chair with any questions.

This event is co-sponsored by the Educators' Collaborative and the Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation.

Lunch will be provided, as well as refreshments during the poster session and awards reception.

2020 Presentations

  • Accessibility, Usability, and Universal Design: From Policy to Practice––Justi Echeles, Jennifer Gossett
  • Assessment Data Visualization (Mini Assessment Academy)––Sarah Drummond
  • Begin Competency Based Education in New Resident Orientation––Anthony Cheng, Alex Verdieck, Holly Hofkamp, Joe Skariah, Bridget Gaug
  • Dental Integrated Medical Emergency Training––David Carsten
  • Developing and Testing an interprofessional practice and education model––Tamara Rose, Alec Contag
  • Engage your learners using the Kolb Learning Cycle––Signe Bishop
  • Gathering Data from Alumni Stakeholders: 3 Perspectives (Mini Assessment Academy)––Sarah Drummond, Amanda Mather, Kevin McLemore
  • Hallway Teaching: Building schemata for non-medically trained educators––Carrie Bailey, Rebecca Harrison, Scott Stroup, Bailey Pope, Amy Forester, Jennifer Gossett
  • Increasing Diversity of Images in Teaching: Moving Forward with the OHSU Educational Use Photo Diversity Repository––Linda Felver, Pamela Pierce
  • OHSU's Own: Innovative Pathways Initiatives, and Who/What Made a Difference for You?––Susan Shugerman, Katie Lenahan, Lisa Marriott, Allison Empey, Jackie Shannon
  • Organizing Your Assessment Data (Mini Assessment Academy)––Diane Doctor, Amanda Mather, Kristin Petherbridge, Mark Rivera
  • Pearls & Pitfalls in Exam Development: A Primer for Creating Effective and Reliable Questions––Pat Kenney-Moore, Sarah Jacobs
  • Using Classroom Assessments to Inform Curricular Change (Mini Assessment Academy)––Sarah Jacobs, Jeffrey Jones, Alexandra Shuford
  • Using iPads and Educational Applications to Transform Educational Outcomes––Crystal Paredes, Rita Patterson, Jeffrey Jones
  • What's Going on in There? Classroom assessment techniques (CATS) to reduce mind wandering and increase meta-awareness in the classroom––Sarah Jacobs, Carrie Bailey

Event archive

Poster session award winners

  • Development of an Inpatient Pediatric Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents | Megan Durham, M.D.; Jared Austin, M.D.
  • A Novel Improvement Science Curriculum for Pre-Clinical Medical Students: First Year of a Student-Led Initiative | Sherry Liang, B.A.; Reem Hasan, M.D., Ph.D.; Christopher Terndrup, M.D.; Sherril Gelmon, Dr.P.H.; Matthew DiVeronica, M.D.
  • Recognize. Reflect. Create. Connect! Impacts of a novel narrative medicine conference | Elizabeth Lahti, M.D.; Rebecca Harrison, M.D.; Niki Steckler, Ph.D.; Martha Driessnack, Ph.D.; Deborah Woodcock, M.B.A.; Jennifer Aengst, Ph.D.

Poster session award winners

  • Students as teachers and patients as learners: Pathway of the integration of a 3-D virtual simulation into program curriculum and to patient education | Kristi Tonning, Maria Thompson
  • Paying it forward: A unique approach to junior faculty professional development in the basic sciences | Holly Caretta-Weyer, Pepper Schedin, Joshi Alumkal, Lisa Coussens, Melissa Wong
  • Collaborative group testing: Can we prepare the next generation of dentists through assessment? | Tobie Jones
  • The photo diversity project: Increasing the diversity of images used in classroom teaching | Linda Felver, Rian Johnson
  • In just five (5) questions: A deceptively simple, learner-centered, transformative learning activity | Martha Driessnack, Asma Taha
  • The case for CME: Applying CME to existing graduate courses | Jessica L. Walter, Christine Flores
  • Graphic medicine in action: The creation of a neurotransmitter zine | Keenan Smart, Timmi Claveria, Anandam Hilde, Paria Zarrinnegar, Megan McLeod, Pari Faraji, Richard Ly
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship and pediatric integrated care models: Paragons, pragmatics and pitfalls | Megan McLeod, Craigan Usher
Conference attendees at the second annual Symposium on Educational Excellence