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Symposium on Educational Excellence

Symposium on Educational Excellence 2017

Event Scheduled for May 2021

Exact dates TBD. Updates will be published when available.

Theme: Transformational Education

This symposium brings together faculty, students and staff from across OHSU to share and learn about the innovative projects and practices that support our shared educational mission.

  • Keynote speaker: Larry Roper of Oregon State University
  • Snap talks, presentation sessions, and a poster session on innovative educational projects and practices around campus
  • Awards reception for this year’s Poster Session winners and Sakai Award winners

Types of presentations

  • Snap talks: 10-minute talks that immediately follow the keynote address and share new educational innovations on campus.
  • Presentation sessions: 45-65-minute presentations throughout the day that actively engage attendees around a variety of education-related practices including teaching, assessment, and research.
  • Posters: Traditional or “Better” posters that share education-related research, projects, and practices on campus.

Contact us

Please contact the conference planning chair with any questions.

This event is co-sponsored by the Educators' Collaborative and the Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation.

2020 Presentations

We are in the process of creating the schedule—stay tuned!

Event archive

Poster session award winners

  • Development of an Inpatient Pediatric Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents | Megan Durham, M.D.; Jared Austin, M.D.
  • A Novel Improvement Science Curriculum for Pre-Clinical Medical Students: First Year of a Student-Led Initiative | Sherry Liang, B.A.; Reem Hasan, M.D., Ph.D.; Christopher Terndrup, M.D.; Sherril Gelmon, Dr.P.H.; Matthew DiVeronica, M.D.
  • Recognize. Reflect. Create. Connect! Impacts of a novel narrative medicine conference | Elizabeth Lahti, M.D.; Rebecca Harrison, M.D.; Niki Steckler, Ph.D.; Martha Driessnack, Ph.D.; Deborah Woodcock, M.B.A.; Jennifer Aengst, Ph.D.

Poster session award winners

  • Students as teachers and patients as learners: Pathway of the integration of a 3-D virtual simulation into program curriculum and to patient education | Kristi Tonning, Maria Thompson
  • Paying it forward: A unique approach to junior faculty professional development in the basic sciences | Holly Caretta-Weyer, Pepper Schedin, Joshi Alumkal, Lisa Coussens, Melissa Wong
  • Collaborative group testing: Can we prepare the next generation of dentists through assessment? | Tobie Jones
  • The photo diversity project: Increasing the diversity of images used in classroom teaching | Linda Felver, Rian Johnson
  • In just five (5) questions: A deceptively simple, learner-centered, transformative learning activity | Martha Driessnack, Asma Taha
  • The case for CME: Applying CME to existing graduate courses | Jessica L. Walter, Christine Flores
  • Graphic medicine in action: The creation of a neurotransmitter zine | Keenan Smart, Timmi Claveria, Anandam Hilde, Paria Zarrinnegar, Megan McLeod, Pari Faraji, Richard Ly
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship and pediatric integrated care models: Paragons, pragmatics and pitfalls | Megan McLeod, Craigan Usher
Conference attendees at the second annual Symposium on Educational Excellence