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A nurse wearing dark blue scrubs points at a document, reviewing it with a trainee wearing teal scrubs. Both wear masks and stand in a hospital hallway.

As a health care professional, you’re committed to the well-being of Oregonians, now and into the future. When you share your time and expertise as a preceptor for OHSU students, you shape that future by training the next generation of care providers.

Precepting is a form of mentoring and is as rewarding for you as it is for the learner. You build skills as a leader and teacher while contributing to a student’s professional and personal growth. You’re also energized in your own work, staying on top of the latest scientific knowledge and practice guidelines.

Before volunteering as a preceptor, you might have some questions. This page provides answers.

Am I ready to be a preceptor?

If you have at least one year of professional experience in your health care field and you’re licensed, then you’re ready. 

OHSU will provide the training you need to be an effective mentor. Our Teaching and Learning Center offers workshops and modules about effective teaching practices as well as a clinical teaching resources site. These help you set expectations for the students you oversee and give them constructive feedback. Our Mentorship and Career Design team helps you build a strong mentoring relationship.

You’ll also get access to Teaching Physician and other web-based programs to help you develop teaching skills. Our exclusive alumni networking platform, OHSU FERN, provides a space to connect with students and other OHSU graduates.

What's the time commitment to serve as a preceptor?

The time commitment varies by program and by the student’s year in school. The student’s time on the job can range from 16 hours to 40 hours per week. Rotations are four weeks, five weeks or 11 weeks long.

What are OHSU’s preceptor benefits?

  • As an OHSU preceptor, you’ll have access to OHSU Library resources, including Access Medicine and other tools, depending on your professional license and appointment. 
  • You may be eligible for continuing education credits, depending on which program you serve. Credits can represent time spent preparing to teach students or, in some cases, time spent precepting students.  
  • You can apply for an affiliate faculty appointment, which includes an OHSU email address and access to faculty development events. Check with the Office of Learner Placement or your program’s academic affairs office for application details. 

Will students slow me down at work?

OHSU students are well-educated, trained and ready to work on day 1. Oregon employers tell us that OHSU students are valuable team members who serve patients with care and competence. Many are eager to hire our students after they graduate.

When you serve as a preceptor, you build relationships with OHSU students, faculty and staff, which helps your organization attract and develop talented employees.

Which programs can I serve?

OHSU welcomes preceptors across Oregon and in all our programs, including:

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