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Mask Fit Testing and Annual Compliance Requirements

Flu shots

Flu vaccines are available by appointment at Student Health and Wellness.  Please call 503-494-8665, Option 1 to schedule an appointment.  If you are eligible for a COVID-19 booster vaccine, you can schedule an appointment to get your flu shot and a booster shot at the same time through Occupational Health.

If you receive your flu vaccine outside of the OHSU Student Health & Wellness Center, you must report this in Enterprise Health to document that you received it. Once completed, please contact Student Health & Wellness Center to receive a flu vaccine sticker to affix to your ID badge.

 You may choose not to be vaccinated against the flu. If you choose not to receive a flu vaccine, you must still report this in Enterprise Health to comply with OHSU policy.

N-95 Respirator Fit Testing at Student Health and Wellness

How to get a fit test

Complete your Respirator Survey Online:

To initiate the process, please log in to Enterprise Health and complete the OSHA Respirator Survey that has been assigned to you. The information that you enter will only be accessible to the clinician who will be performing your respirator fit testing. If you do not have a survey assigned, or it has been greater than three months since you last completed your survey, please call Student Health at 503-494-8665 to have your survey reset.

Call to schedule your appointment at Student Health and Wellness 48-72 hours after completing your survey.

Annual mask fit testing will be conducted at Student Health. Please call 503-494-8665 option 1 to schedule an appointment after you have completed your survey. Fit testing will be by appointment only, please do not walk-in as we may not be able to accommodate you.

Who cannot get N95 mask fit tested?

  • You cannot get mask fitted if you have facial hair, even one-day stubble will prevent a good seal. Certain medical conditions, such as poorly controlled asthma, may make N95 mask use unsafe. A Student Health provider will contact you if they have any concerns after review of your medical clearance form.
  • Some people “fail” the N95 mask fitting in the office. This means that the N95 mask does not fit properly and will not protect you from respiratory hazards. If you have facial hair, “fail” the fitting or have a medical reason you cannot safely use a N95 mask, you may be referred for testing on an Elastomeric Half Facepiece Respirator (EHFR) or PAPR training.

If you need PAPR training, how does this occur?

You will need to go online and complete the PAPR Compass module in order to be properly trained and prepared to use a PAPR.

Instructions for completing the PAPR Compass Module:

  1. Log in to Compass through O2.
  2. Type PAPR into the Search field in the upper right corner of the welcome screen.
  3. Chose the “Use of the Powered Air Purifying Respirator” which will bring you to the screen below.
  4. Launch the course and complete it.

Please note that PAPR’s are still on the list of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is still in short supply at HSU. Students with facial hair are strongly encouraged to shave. Please review the Respiratory shaving requirements.

List of available respirators

Picture of salmon colored "duckbill" N95 face mask

Halyard (Kimberly Clark) "Duckbill" N95 (preferred) Sizes Small and Regular

White Gerson 1730 N95 mask with yellow straps

Gerson 1730 N95

White 3M Aura N95 face mask

3M 1870 Aura

Things to note:

The best way to check if you need to take action is by looking in Enterprise Health. If it has been greater than 12 months since your last mask fit test, you should contact Student Health to schedule a fit testing. If you are unsure, you can call Student Health at 503-494-8665 option 1 to clarify which masks you have passed on.

Elastomeric Half Face Respirators (EHFRs) may be available for users who are unable to pass fit tests on any N95 respirator and for whom PAPR usage is unavailable or significantly limited. Students must attempt to pass on all available N95 masks prior to being referred for testing on an EHFR. Please review the EHFR FAQ document or contact Student Health for more information.

Seal Check Checklists

PPE Conservation and Reuse:

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