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Office of Student Affairs

Head shot of Michael Walsh, Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Welcome! I’m Mike Walsh, Ed.D., Vice Provost for Student Affairs here at OHSU.

Student Affairs is here to support both the students of OHSU, and the faculty and staff who teach, support and interact with our students every day.

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For students, we are here to ensure that OHSU delivers innovative and effective programs that provide you with a safe, supportive, enriching, and stimulating learning environment at our campuses throughout Oregon. We want to enable students to reach their full potential. Indeed, our vision is to care for the whole person, as students learn and work to make a difference in the world.

For our faculty and staff members, we provide training resources which will help you better support your students towards success and engagement and with a focus on removing barriers to thriving.

Who makes up the Office of Student Affairs?

A number of teams sit within the office, all of whom are focused on supporting our students personally, academically and socially. Follow the links below to find out more about them and how they can support you during your time here at OHSU.

Our mission

Student Affairs serves to center the student’s experience and to advance student success through inclusive programs, resource delivery, community engagement, specialized services, and faculty support of the student. 

All students, faculty, and staff at OHSU have a “place to go when they do not know where to go” that will provide centralized student-centered support for student and faculty/staff needs. 

The Office of Student Affairs and staff serve two purposes: 

  1. We will lead the way for student support where all students will easily find student- centered resources, referrals, engagement and leadership opportunities, and one -on -one advising to support the student’s mission to obtain a degree and make a difference in the world.  

  2. We will serve as a resource for consultation, training, and support for faculty and staff who need assistance supporting student success and solving vexing problems related to students and their situations.