The Confidential Advocacy Program provides confidential support services to OHSU employees, students, and volunteers who have experienced any form of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate-partner violence, stalking, relationship/dating violence, and other forms — whether at OHSU or outside of the university. We also support OHSU employees, residents, and students around experiences of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation related to their OHSU education or employment. CAP advocates can connect you with community and campus resources, as well as provide emotional support, help with safety planning, and navigating reporting systems. CAP also provides education and training in the form of webinars, self-care tools such as trauma-informed yoga and art therapy, and community for survivors.

CAP advocates are here to support you 24/7. 

Contact us on our crisis lines answered by OHSU advocates or our community partners or book an appointment online with an OHSU confidential advocate here.

Survivor Emergency Fund

The Confidential Advocacy Program (CAP) at Oregon Health & Science University actively advocates for survivors of sexual misconduct, violence and discrimination. Types of assistance allowed under federal guidelines include help with escaping from unsafe homes; providing financial assistance for rent, groceries, gas, therapy costs and safety devices (video doorbells, security cameras, etc.); among many other support services. 
Utilizing these resources does not prohibit a survivor from taking any legal action. There are no limitations placed on those who receive emergency funds. CAP stands against any activity that leads to silencing survivors.
To date, the CAP program has been supported by federal grants that have not been sufficient to meet all needs. We believe all survivors should have access to adequate emergency funding, and we are working with OHSU to increase our capacity.

CAP supports you along a path to safety:

  • Emotional support and safety planning. We can help you explore ways to increase your emotional and physical safety. 
  • Systems navigation. If you are unsure about making a report, CAP will provide you with information to assist you in determining what is best for your situation. Advocates can be your guide and support if you decide to report to OCIC (formerly known as AAEO) or Public Safety.  
  • Academic support. CAP can help faculty and administrators understand the challenges and academic impacts a student may face when experiencing sexual misconduct. CAP works with students experiencing sexual misconduct to identify what academic supports may be helpful in supporting their path forward.
  • Education and information. CAP can help you learn about different options and services available, while supporting your right to autonomy and choice. 

Contact CAP

CAP Advocates are here to support you 24 hours a day, 7 day a week in Portland through Call to Safety and at our regional campuses through Confidential Advocate partners in those regions at the numbers listed below.  Call anytime:


You can also book an appointment online with an OHSU confidential advocate here. Please know your privacy is protected to the highest extent possible while working with confidential advocates.

Culturally competent

Our staff is trained and sensitive to the needs of:

  • BIPOC community members, including Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people.
  • Disability community members.

Self-help aids

CAP provides, through specialized instruction:

What is sexual misconduct?

Sexual misconduct is an umbrella term that includes: sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate-partner violence (also referred to as dating or domestic violence), and stalking. Sexual misconduct can happen to anyone. 

Read more about sexual misconduct at the Office of Civil Rights Investigations and Compliance (OCIC, formerly known as AAEO) website.

Educational webinars

For those working with or supporting survivors of sexual harassment, stalking, sexual violence or intimate-partner violence. View webinars.

Kali Cyrus MD MPH: Intersections between Identity and Health Impacts of Domestic and Sexual Violence
Webinar: Health impacts of identity bias, trauma, and violence

Trauma-informed yoga

Led by a certified, trauma-informed yoga instructor. You may use the recordings to engage on your own to the level you feel comfortable. Watch videos.

Therapeutic Yoga by Alia Fern of Bhakti Earth Yoga

Our impact

Curious about how CAP has supported OHSU members? Take a look at our 2018-2020 Snapshot Review.

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