Policies and Resources

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We’ve gathered policies, forms and other resources to help you and OHSU build a community free of discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct and retaliation. If you need a resource in alternative formats such as another language or with improved digital access, please contact us at ocic@ohsu.edu or 503-494-5148. 

Policies, procedures and protocols

State law, federal law and OHSU policy prohibit retaliation for:

  • Reporting discrimination or harassment
  • Filing a complaint of prohibited discrimination or harassment
  • Taking part in an investigation of such a complaint

Retaliation is a serious offense that can result in disciplinary action up to and including:

  • Termination of employment for employees
  • Suspension or dismissal for students

This protection exists even if a complaint is eventually dismissed or deemed to lack merit. 

(Intentionally false accusations will not be tolerated. A person will be held accountable for making intentionally false claims of discrimination or harassment.)

Colleagues or students who help others in making a complaint or who give testimony or documentary evidence in support of a complaint are similarly protected.

Retaliation includes:

  • Intimidation
  • Threats
  • Coercion
  • Adverse employment or educational actions taken against a person because the person took part in the reporting, investigation or resolution of a complaint.

Retaliation can be committed by complainants, respondents or any other person or groups.

Report retaliation or attempted retaliation to OCIC at 503-494-5148 ocic@ohsu.edu or titleix@ohsu.edu.

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If you need a resource in another language or with improved digital access, please contact us at ocic@ohsu.edu or 503-494-5148