Master of Science in Human Nutrition

MSDI Student in Sim Lab

The mission of the MSHN program is to train nutrition and dietetic professionals in the methods, implementation, and interpretation of nutrition science and its application, preparing them to advance the field of nutrition in research, clinical, management, and/or community areas of practice.

Students in the program take graduate coursework in biostatistics, physiology, medical ethics, nutrition physical examination, and advanced metabolism of macro and micronutrients. Working under the guidance of a faculty mentor, each student completes a thesis or capstone project:

  • The thesis option allows students to experience the research process by answering a structured clinical or public health research question using quantitative and/or qualitative research methods.
  • The capstone option offers an experiential learning opportunity for students to complete an applied project in collaboration with an OHSU or partner organization.

Thesis or Capstone: A Guide for Prospective Students

Admission Requirements and Application

Student Learning Outcomes

MSHN with DI

Interested in combining the MS in Human Nutrition with a dietetic internship?