Student Center

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The Student Center mission, core values, and strategic goals support the mission of OHSU by enriching students’ educational experiences and providing a dynamic interdisciplinary environment that stimulates inquiry, initiative and cooperation among students, faculty and staff.  Through the social, recreational, and cultural activities offered by the center, students will have the opportunity for personal growth outside of the classroom and to supplement their ability to become balanced health care professionals.

At the Student Center, students will be able to enrich their academic experiences by experiencing new activities that emphasize interacting with others as well as taking care of one’s personal self.  Furthermore, the student center mission allows for collaboration and partnership on student-centered programming and cultivates a sense of community unique to OHSU.  It is through these increased opportunities that students will enhance their preparation for careers in the health care profession and that the Student Center supports OHSU’s ability to offer a well-balanced academic environment.


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