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Cooking Class! $20 for March Wellness members, $25 for non-members Fall for Fungus Wednesday, October 8, 6-8pm Sign up @ 503.418.6272

WAIST MANAGEMENT - 6 week coaching/training series! Friday's 12pm. October 17 - November 21. $180. Sign up at the front desk 503.418.6272

NEW Wednesday night yoga Instructor: 5:30p Yoga: Todd, 6:30p Yoga: Todd.

10.1.14 subs: 5:30p Body Sculpt: Nina,

THANK YOU for making adjustments in your workout to accomodate the fire drill this morning. Everyone was out before the alarm went off!

9.30.14 subs: 9a Strength & Balance: Heather, 10a Parkinsons: Heather

ALERT! Friday 9/26, 6:50-7:20am FIRE drill. FULL EVACUATION is required. Please plan your workout & shower to accommodate this drill.

ALERT!! Fri. 9/26, 6:50-7:20am MANDATORY Building Evacuation All occupants will be required to exit by stairs to the first floor.

9.23.14 sub: 530p Aqua Interval: Marilyn

NEW Monday 9am Aqua Aerobics Instructor: Heather

9.18.14 sub: 7p Interval Strength: Sam

9.15.14 sub addition: 5:30pm Body Sculpt: Katie

A FEW SPOTS LEFT! STARTS TOMORROW!!! Chair Pilates/Yoga Friday's @ 11a Sept 12-Oct 10 $20 503.418.6272 to register

9.15.14 subs: 7:30am March Ahead: Aaron, 6:30pm March Ahead: Sarah.

9.12.14 subs: 730a March Ahead: Aaron, 9am Pilates Kim.

Come try out new class HIIT! T/TR @ 5pm. (high intensity interval training)

9.10.14 subs: 7:30am March Ahead: Aaron, 6:30pm March Ahead: Amy.

Cooking Class! Harvest Soups and Salads Wednesday September 10th,6-8pm $20 members/ $25 nonmembers

9.9.14 sub: 9am Hatha Yoga: Lynsay

9.8.15 subs: 7:30a March Ahead: Aaron, 4:15p Gentle Yoga: Todd, 5:30p New Cycle Instructor: Sarah, 6:30p March Ahead: Amy

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