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OHSU Curriculum Committee

The OHSU Curriculum Committee was created to review, approve, and evaluate all courses that include learners from two or more professions. The OHSU Curriculum Committee includes all members of the IPI steering committee, faculty from each of the school’s curriculum committee(s), and student representatives. It streamlines the course approval process for interprofessional and multiprofessional courses, and ensures that courses align with university policy and meet criteria for academic rigor. The OHSU Curriculum Committee approves all courses for inclusion in the OHSU IPI curriculum.

Committee membership

Cherie Honnell, Registrar's Office
Diane Stadler, Nutrition
Eric Wiser, SOM/SM FMED
Helen Turner, SON
Janet Alves, SON
Jared Austin, SOM
Juliana Da Costa, SOD
Kristi Tonning, IPI/ Radiation Therapy
Laura Zeigen, BI.Library Main Operations
Lisa Hatfield, TLC
Lisa Marriott, SOPH
Melanie Brown, COP
William Baker Robinson, PH Admin
Sarah Jacobs, TLC

Jared Austin - SOM
Kristi Tonning - Radiation Therapy

Karishma Patel - SOM
Rachel Catherine Proteau - COP/SOD
Bradly Thomson, SOD
Menolly Kaufman - SPH
Katie Curtin - SPH
Will Baker-Robinson - SPH
Anna Booman - GRU
Kate Ballard - SON

Gwen Hyatt- Registrar

Ad hoc meetings

​​​​​​We hold around two to three meetings per year as needed for revision of courses or new course proposals. Reach out to to find out about upcoming meetings.

Interested in proposing a new UNI or IPE course?

Submit a completed Course Proposal Form for a new interprofessional (IPE) or multiprofessional (UNI) course to

Current UNI & IPE Courses

We will share a list of IPE and UNI courses soon - please check back. Contact ipe@ohsu.ed for more information.

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