Education at OHSU

Explore Science Education

OHSU's Office of Science Education Opportunities (SEO) was formed in 2002. This office serves the community and OHSU employees and students as we work to develop and mobilize OHSU's unique resources to increase science literacy throughout the region. Our primary audiences are K-16 teachers and students and OHSU faculty, students and staff.

Highlights include the following:

  • 2013 launch of On Track OHSU!, a pathways program serving students of color, English language learners, and first-generation post-secondary students in grades 6 – 16 in four Oregon counties
  • 2014 launch of OR STEM Thought Leaders Group, including representatives from K-12, higher education, industry, government and out of school learning providers all working to prepare Oregon’s STEM workforce
  • Participation in OHSU programs annually by over 420,000 K-12 students
  • Participation in OHSU programs annually by over 2,300 K-12 teachers
  • Participation in OHSU science education programs by over 1000 OHSU faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and staff

In addition, we offer continued support for pathways activities and initiatives in an effort to build robust offerings of STEM learning opportunities for all students throughout Oregon.  

We welcome your suggestions about how SEO can support your work with the K - 16 community. Please contact us at with any questions or suggestions.


A Priority at OHSU - Guidelines for Visitors

At OHSU we enjoy sharing information with visitors about what we do. We are proud of the quality care we provide patients in OHSU's hospitals and clinics, and we're equally proud of the research and educational activities that occur throughout the university. Your experience here is an opportunity to see what it's like to work in an academic health and research university.

Please read the following information carefully. It explains your responsibility in helping us protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal health information.

While you are at OHSU, you will learn about some of the exciting things that happen here. You also may see or hear private, personal information about our patients and research participants. For example:

  • You may see patients you recognize.
  • You may hear OHSU employees discussing a patient.s care.
  • You may notice a patient.s name that is familiar to you.
  • You may talk with a patient about his or her illness or injury.

Our patients trust us – and they trust you – to keep their information private.

As a visitor we expect you to:

  • Abide by all OHSU policies and guidelines.
  • Keep any personal information you may see or hear confidential and not share it with anyone, even your family, friends or neighbors.
  • Follow the directions of the person who is responsible for your experience or tour.
  • Treat patients and research participants with whom you have contact, as you would want to be treated.

We hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you for helping us ensure that personal health information is always treated with complete confidentiality.

Privacy is a priority at OHSU

  • OHSU trains all employees, students and volunteers about federal privacy and information security guidelines and best practices.
  • OHSU has a central office to monitor compliance with privacy and information security laws.
  • OHSU listens to patients and responds to their concerns about the privacy of their personal health information.
  • OHSU addresses employee concerns about privacy and information security issues.
  • OHSU posts the Notice of Privacy Practices and provides an opportunity for each patient to receive a copy.
  • OHSU provides its employees, students and volunteers with ongoing education concerning privacy and information security.