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OHSU Student-Led Outreach

OHSU is committed to ensuring student talents and interests are developed by supporting Student-Led Outreach Activities and Initiatives that not only enrich our institution, but also enrich those communities to which we are connected. This page is designed to provide students with more information regarding the review and approval/denial process for the development, design and implementation of Student-Led Outreach Activities and Initiatives. Student-Led Outreach Activities and Initiatives involve students representing themselves as OHSU Members to organizations and individuals outside of OHSU.  For more information please review the full policy found here.

OHSU seeks to:

  • Eliminate duplicative Student-Led Outreach Activities and Initiatives;
  • Support existing institutional education outreach initiatives, and align new proposals with existing initiatives (as appropriate);
  • Ensure that appropriate documentation, contracts and partnerships are secured for the implementation of new Student-Led Outreach Activities and Initiatives;
  • Promote the effective and responsible use of OHSU resources.
  • Ensure that co-curricular activities remain under the discretion of the academic program.

First Steps

Your first step towards developing a Student-Led Outreach Program is to submit your initial inquiry to our email box listed here . We will contact you shortly thereafter with further instructions regarding the review process.

Quarterly Deadlines for Initial Inquiries

A Committee delegated to review Student-Led Outreach and Initiatives proposals will convene within 30 days of the published deadlines on an as needed basis. Students will be notified of the approval or denial of the proposal within five business days of the Committee's decision. The proposal deadlines are on the fourth Friday of every January, April, July, and October.

More Information for Student-Led Outreach Organizers

To learn more about Student-Led Outreach Activities and Initiatives please follow this link and read the full policy.