Education at OHSU

Science Education Opportunities Staff

David Robinson

David W. Robinson, Ph.D.
Executive Vice Provost

David oversees the Office of Science Education Opportunities and outreach efforts campus-wide. The SOAR (Science Outreach and Resources) Committee is advisory to him and together they establish budgetary priorities and develop strategies for securing new funding with our community partners. These efforts help to develop and mobilize OHSU's unique resources and increase science literacy throughout the region.

Susan Shugerman

Susan Shugerman, M.F.A., Ed.D.
Assistant Vice Provost, Education Outreach and Collaboration

Susan is the first director of Science Education Opportunities at OHSU. This office provides the central coordination for OHSU's K-12 science education efforts. She works with faculty, students and staff to provide direct services to classroom teachers and students, develop OHSU faculty, students and staff to be better teachers, mentors, and translators of science, provide general scientific education to the public and develop OHSU's infrastructure to support science education. Susan also chairs the SOAR (Science Outreach and Resources) committee.

Katie Pic

Kathryn Lenahan
Director, On Track OHSU!

Katie is the director of On Track OHSU!, a health science outreach program that starts working with students in grade 6, and continues with those same students through high school and into college. Her role involves collaborating with students, families, schools, and community members to identify opportunities and grow the program so that it specifically meets students’ needs. Katie also coordinates OHSU student and faculty volunteers from programs and departments throughout the university, who participate in the program as role models and teachers. Her favorite part about her job is the variety of tasks each day brings – from meeting with students individually and organizing visits at OHSU, to managing employees, budgets, and grants


Azalea Martinez
Community Liaison, On Track OHSU!

Azalea is the first community liaison for the On Track OHSU! program. She works with the city of Woodburn, one of the three communities partnered with the program. As a Woodburn local she was excited to be able to return home and work with the school district upon her graduation from Oregon State University. Azalea works to connect On Track OHSU! with the Woodburn School District, and supports students while in high school and through the pursuit of their post-secondary goals. She works closely with community and families to connect them with the On Track program as well. During her free time Azalea loves to spends time with her two dogs, go on walks around her neighborhood and spend time with her friends and family. 

Gordon Scott, Community Liaison, On Track OHSU!

Gordon Scott
Community Liaison, On Track OHSU!

Gordon is community liaison for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Indian Reservation of Oregon.  Being a tribal member, Gordon works closely with the local Native American students in grades 6-12 as well as college students.  He also works with faculty and staff from local school districts to provide a network of resources that support student’s progression to higher levels of education. As part of the On Track Team, Gordon provides direct support to Oregon Health and Science University’s mission to build diversity within the Health and Science community.


Danielle Jones
Middle School Program Coordinator, On Track OHSU!

Danielle Jones started in September 2019 in the Middle School Coordinator role. Her background is in experiential and culturally responsive STEM and nature education, as well as mindful practices and equity work. She has been designing curriculum and facilitating learning spaces in formal and informal spaces since 2012. Before coming to OHSU she served as the Outdoor Education Coordinator at KairosPDX in North Portland, designing experiences and curriculum that validated the complexity, beauty, and legacy of being Black in green spaces. Danielle holds a B.A. in Sociology and Environmental Studies from Rhodes College and a M.S. in Educational Leadership & Policy from Portland State University. Danielle brings her passion for accessible and equitable education to this role and looks forward to growing and nurturing racially diverse students’ interest in the health sciences. Other aspects of Danielle’s life involve practicing yoga, reading Afro-futurism novels, gardening, spending time with loved ones and watching the not-so-occasional Korean drama. 


Alethea Barlowe, MS EI/ECSE
Klamath Falls Program Coordinator, On Track OHSU!

Alethea is the new On Track OHSU! Program Coordinator for the Klamath/Chiloquin site. She is an enrolled Klamath Tribal member and graduated from Western Oregon University and the University of Oregon, then returned home to work with tribal youth in 2011. Alethea will be working with our program to support tribal youth in exposing and encouraging a pathway to the sciences and healthcare field. She is excited to learn more about the program and eager to implement a positive program within the Klamath County area.

Sameya Amme  bio

Sameya Amme
Community Liaison for the North Portland Community, On Track OHSU!

Sameya Amme is the On Track Community Liaison for the North Portland community. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Sameya has always known she wanted to serve her community. As a Jefferson High School alumna, Sameya is excited to come back and assist students as they figure out what they want after high school. Recently graduating from Warner Pacific University with her Bachelor's in Social Science/Political Science, Sameya is bringing a fresh outlook on higher education. For about 8 years Sameya, has been working in the North Portland community helping Oromo youth with secondary education and is honored to support a diverse group of youth. Her favorite pastimes are going on hikes to explore different trails in the city and taking drives to the coast to watch the sunset.