Education at OHSU

Science Education Opportunities Staff

David Robinson

David W. Robinson, Ph.D.
Executive Vice Provost

David oversees the Office of Science Education Opportunities and outreach efforts campus-wide. The SOAR (Science Outreach and Resources) Committee is advisory to him and together they establish budgetary priorities and develop strategies for securing new funding with our community partners. These efforts help to develop and mobilize OHSU's unique resources and increase science literacy throughout the region.

Susan Shugerman

Susan Shugerman, M.F.A., Ed.D.
Assistant Vice Provost, Education Outreach and Collaboration

Susan is the first director of Science Education Opportunities at OHSU. This office provides the central coordination for OHSU's K-12 science education efforts. She works with faculty, students and staff to provide direct services to classroom teachers and students, develop OHSU faculty, students and staff to be better teachers, mentors, and translators of science, provide general scientific education to the public and develop OHSU's infrastructure to support science education. Susan also chairs the SOAR (Science Outreach and Resources) committee.

Katie Pic

Kathryn Lenahan
Director, On Track OHSU!

Katie is the director of On Track OHSU!, a new science pipeline program for students in grades 6 – 12 who are underrepresented in the sciences. She is working closely with students and teachers from partner school districts to extend opportunities for students to learn about health and science careers, and to help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a health science career. Katie also coordinates OHSU student and faculty volunteers from programs and departments throughout the university, who participate in the program as role models and teachers. Katie is working to make the program replicable and sustainable so that additional districts and students can be served in the future.


Azalea Martinez
Community Liaison, On Track OHSU!

Azalea is the first community liaison for the On Track OHSU! program. She works with the city of Woodburn, one of the three communities partnered with the program. As a Woodburn local she was excited to be able to return home and work with the school district upon her graduation from Oregon State University. Azalea works to connect On Track OHSU! with the Woodburn School District, and supports students while in high school and through the pursuit of their post-secondary goals. She works closely with community and families to connect them with the On Track program as well. During her free time Azalea loves to spends time with her two dogs, go on walks around her neighborhood and spend time with her friends and family. 

Gordon Scott, Community Liaison, On Track OHSU!

Gordon Scott
Community Liaison, On Track OHSU!

Gordon is community liaison for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Indian Reservation of Oregon.  Being a tribal member, Gordon works closely with the local Native American students in grades 6-12 as well as college students.  He also works with faculty and staff from local school districts to provide a network of resources that support student’s progression to higher levels of education. As part of the On Track Team, Gordon provides direct support to Oregon Health and Science University’s mission to build diversity within the Health and Science community.

Jordan pic

Jordan Carlman
Administrative Coordinator, On Track OHSU!

Jordan is a seasoned Administrative Coordinator who works for the Office of Science Education Opportunities and On Track OHSU! His primary focus—outside of managing the day-to-day clerical duties of the office—is to collaborate with program leaders to ensure they have all the tools and logistical support they require to make each day a success! In his spare time, Jordan enjoys movies, poetry, and a good cooperative board game.