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One of OHSU's greatest resources is its accomplished and innovative scientists, educators and clinicians across the College of Pharmacy and schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Public Health.  

OHSU has a variety of resources to support the professional development and advancement of these individuals and teams. Resources and training are available to all OHSU faculty members in six key areas.

Key Resource and Training Areas

OHSU is committed to providing faculty educators with the tools needed to provide quality teaching. Academic development opportunities are designed to facilitate learning, support curriculum design and instruction, assess learning, engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning and develop as an educational administrator. These resources are developed for teaching faculty in diverse learning environments including at the bedside, in the classroom and in online learning environments. 

As a member of the OHSU community, faculty contribute to exploring new research frontiers. The resources provided here will guide you on how to find funding, develop proposals, ensure compliance, submit proposals, administer awards and close out and report on projects. 

OHSU provides writing resources for faculty interested in improving the quality of their scientific writing. These activities are focused on increasing one’s ability to engage in scientific writing including dealing with writer’s block and time management, reviewing and editing articles, and best practices for grant proposals.

In order to be a place of diverse people and ideas, these faculty development resources are created to support effective recruitment and retention of faculty who bring diverse perspectives to OHSU.   

In an effort to provide transparency and equity in the promotion and tenure process, the following evolving resources provide an overview of the current tools available to successfully plan for and achieve promotion and/or tenure. 

OHSU faculty are encouraged to learn the knowledge and skills required to lead small or large committees, sections or teams in an academic medical center. These resources are focused on developing individual faculty members so that they can lead across OHSU.


Online Orientation Modules


Faculty are encouraged to complete a series of short, self-paced online modules on topics of interest to OHSU community.

Professional Development Series


Important monthly lectures and workshops help all faculty strengthen and build skills, provide a forum for discussion and collaboration with colleagues, and learn about career advancement opportunities. View the schedule and register. 

School of Medicine - Faculty Development

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Constance Tucker, M.A., Ph.D.
Vice Provost, Educational Improvement and Innovation