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Grant applications are temporarily postponed.  Please periodically check back for status updates.

About Faculty Development

One of OHSU's greatest resources is its accomplished and innovative scientists, educators and clinicians across the College of Pharmacy and schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Public Health.  

OHSU has a variety of resources to support the professional development and advancement of these individuals and teams. Resources and training are available to all OHSU faculty members in six key areas.

For more information on School of Medicine specific faculty development, please visit their web page.

Our goal is to have a transparent and streamlined grant process.  To prepare for this process, please read the following description: 

  • All applicants will start at the same application portal. 
  • Clinicians in the SOM will be directed in the application to one set of questions (the SOM Clinician Leadership grant questions), and all other faculty will be directed toward another set (the Provost Faculty Leadership grant questions).
  • While the timeline and marketing of the two grants are the same, the grant review committees and funding sources for these two different sets of faculty are separate.  Because of this, please ensure you are answer the questions correctly at the beginning of the grant application. 

Furthermore, specific information about SOM Clinician grants can be found on the SOM site, and specific information about Provost Leadership grants can be found on the Provost faculty development site.

  • Faculty Development Grants are awarded three times per academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring).
  • Spring Grants open March 5th, 2020 and are due by May 16th, 2020.  Notifications of awardees will be released in early June.

As a member of the OHSU community, faculty contribute to exploring new research frontiers. The resources provided here will guide you on how to find funding, develop proposals, ensure compliance, submit proposals, administer awards and close out and report on projects. 

Human Investigations Program: Courses in Clinical Research

OHSU provides writing resources for faculty interested in improving the quality of their scientific writing. These activities are focused on increasing one’s ability to engage in scientific writing including dealing with writer’s block and time management, reviewing and editing articles, and best practices for grant proposals.

In order to be a place of diverse people and ideas, these faculty development resources are created to support effective recruitment and retention of faculty who bring diverse perspectives to OHSU.   

In an effort to provide transparency and equity in the promotion and tenure process, the following evolving resources provide an overview of the current tools available to successfully plan for and achieve promotion and/or tenure. 

OHSU faculty are encouraged to learn the knowledge and skills required to lead small or large committees, sections or teams in an academic medical center. These resources are focused on developing individual faculty members so that they can lead across OHSU.

Faculty Leadership and Professional Development Grants

For a busy faculty member, it can be difficult to chart your own leadership development. With this in mind, the SOM Clinician Engagement Committee and the Provost Office have created a more systematic process for supporting faculty leadership training at OHSU.  The goal of these grants is to sustain and improve faculty engagement in continuous learning and development opportunities. The grants will support participation in leadership and professional development locally, regionally and nationally.


Constance Tucker, M.A., Ph.D.
Vice Provost, Educational Improvement and Innovation