Meet Rakendu Shukla

Name: Rakendu Shukla

Year:   MS4Rakendu-Shukla

Hometown: Gaston, Ore. 

Interests: Radiation medicine, teaching and tutoring, community service


Rakendu Shukla, a fourth-year medical student, speaks three languages, has traveled to and volunteered in remote clinics in Gujarat, India and loves teaching and tutoring. While an undergraduate student studying neurobiology at the University of Washington, he also served as the President of the Indian Student Association, one of the largest student groups on campus. 

At OHSU, he serves on the Dean’s Advisors Committee helping advocate for improvements to enhance the student experience and create camaraderie, as he did in 2012 organizing an interprofessional event that brought students from all disciplines together to discuss their futures in health care. He also helped create the now annually-held retreat for first-year medical students.

When he’s not busy creating community on campus, Rakendu enjoys volunteering as a Public Health Advocate and Youth Leader at his local Hindu temple. He hopes to specialize in Radiation Oncology, as his academic interests lie in clinical cancer research.