Support the Program

There are a number of ways that PAs can support the program.

You can donate to the PA Student Scholarship Fund

Consider supporting the Program with your time. We would love to have other Physician Assistants involved in the Program. Here are some possible ways:

  • Serve as a mentor for first year PA students or a preceptor for a clinical year student.
  • Serve as a member on one of the PA Program committees.
  • Provide lectures to first year students.
  • Serve as a small group facilitator.
  • Teach first year students physical examination techniques in the classroom or physical examination lab sessions.
  • Teach clinical techniques and procedures in the Applied Clinical Skills course and other hands-on sessions.
  • Proctor clinical examinations.
  • Facilitating sessions where the students practice the male genitourinary or female pelvic examination.

If you would like to support the program in this way, take a minute to complete the Get Involved! Form.