Congratulate 91 colleagues recognized in promotion and appointment process

Drs. Biagioli, Hunter

The School of Medicine congratulates the 91 faculty members who have been promoted and appointed this year. These faculty members have distinguished themselves across multiple domains in accordance with school promotion and tenure guidelines.

The promoted and appointed faculty members represent 21 of the school’s 26 departments. Forty-four are women; 47 are men.

Fifty-five faculty members were promoted to the rank of associate professor, four to research associate professor, one to adjunct professor and 24 to professor, two promoted to professor with tenure and one awarded tenure. Those promotions were effective July 1. Four appointments were made, including for those faculty who joined OHSU on a provisional status, and were effective Jan. 1. One of these was an appointment to associate professor, and three were appointments to professor.

“Congratulations to each and every one of our appointed and promoted faculty members,” said Dean Sharon Anderson. “We celebrate your achievements of excellence in scholarship, teaching and service. Many thanks to department chairs, departmental P&T committees, and faculty mentors who supported their colleagues in this recognition process. I especially want to thank Dr. Fran Biagioli, our outgoing P&T chair for her leadership on this important committee, and welcome Dr. Alan Hunter as the new P&T chair.”

“Together, we can reach greater potential”

Among Dr. Biagioli’s biggest accomplishments as P&T chair were helping to increase ease of access and faculty understanding of the promotion criteria and providing resources to department chairs and their P&T Chairs to best support faculty.

“The P&T Committee is a group of dedicated, extremely thoughtful, collaborative individuals who work hard to support faculty advancement,” she said. “This group of faculty are an invaluable resource to the institution. It is an honor to see firsthand all the work our faculty provide for the institution, region and nation. This committee is hard work and also quite gratifying.”

She added, “Being promoted requires mentoring and guidance from faculty mentors and letter writers and administrative coordinator support, to name a few. Please take a moment to thank those who served a supportive role for your successful promotion. Pay it forward: in the next six months, please reach out to one junior faculty member – offer to chat over a virtual coffee – to recognize the talent of another and provide some tips to foster their future growth. Together, we can reach greater potential.”

Building on the work of past chairs

Incoming P&T chair Dr. Alan Hunter has served in multiple roles providing oversight of professional development, from chief resident early in his career to, most recently, division head and chair of the Department of Medicine’s P&T committee.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my work was engaging in efforts to help others advance,” he said. “I welcome this opportunity and am excited to further contribute to the processes of academic advancement and structural mentorship.” 

Dr. Hunter has a number of ideas for P&T that aim to continue making the process as user friendly and educational as possible.

“We hope to implement a more formal review and advisory body to systematically appraise and make recommendations for faculty seeking to move from the instructional series into the professorial series,” he said. “We want to continue to assess we have resources and processes in place to assure we are honoring and advancing diversity both in the committee itself, but school-wide as well. Additionally, we will continue to review our overall process and assure it as a functional as possible for faculty, chairs and directors, the committee and the dean and provost. Finally, I would like to develop a formal ‘feedback’ mechanism from departments and institutes on ways we can assist in improving their experiences with the P&T process. Having been on the school’s committee now for 6 years, I have no doubt that constructive ideas and innovations will come forth from committee members and faculty as large.”

Virtual reception

All are invited to join Dean Anderson, chairs and mentors in celebrating newly promoted and appointed faculty, including emeritus faculty, and recipients of Continuing Professional Development awards. Let's virtually gather and celebrate together!

Wednesday, September 23, 4:30-6 p.m. | Virtual Faculty P&T Reception

Please take a moment to review the list of faculty promoted and appointed, and congratulate your colleagues.

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