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American Medical Women's Association at OHSU


The OHSU branch was revived in 2016 by M.D./Ph.D. students Mollie Marr, Alexandra Pincus, and Kelsey Priest, and M.D. students Jennifer Thompson, Elena Griffin, Annie Buckmaster, Angela Steichen.

Our mission

We, the OHSU branch of the AMWA, are an inclusive organization that promotes community empowerment, career advancement, education, and social justice.

We achieve this by providing and developing:

  • A supportive and diverse community at the institutional, local, and state level
  • Opportunities for leadership, mentorship, and professional development
  • Education, research, and outreach addressing gender equity and women’s health
  • Avenues for advocacy and policy in order to effect long-lasting change

The American Medical Women's Association is an organization that functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and strategic alliances.

OHSU AMWA Executive Team 2019-2020

  • Ashley Anderson
  • Tanvi Batish
  • Ayesha Khader
  • Elizabeth Swanson
  • Emily Lane
  • Hannah Dischinger
  • Monique Hedmann
  • Jaime Kiff


  • Professional Development: creating opportunities for mentorship and skill building
  • Family Planning and Policy: creating policy at OHSU for family planning and pregnancy leave
  • Conference Planning: organizing the second annual Strength Through Stories Conference
  • Research: qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Advocacy and Policy: coordinating with national chapter initiatives on awareness and service work
  • Diversity and Intersectionality: joint projects with other student groups, community and advocacy work
  • Women's Health: promoting women's health and coordinating with national chapter initiatives

OHSU AMWA students in national leadership positions

Previous conferences

Contact us

Email us if you have questions or would like to connect with the OHSU chapter of AMWA.

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'At Home and Over There: American Women Physicians in WWI'

Mollie Marr and Eliza Chin at the AMWA premier of "At Home and Over There: American Women Physicians in World War I"
Mollie Marr (left) with Dr. Eliza Chin, an executive producer on "At Home and Over There."

Learn more about the role of American women physicians in World War I in this documentary produced by Mollie Marr.

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