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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner service

The Student Health and Wellness Center offers a fully integrated Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program to support students of any gender who are survivors of sexual misconduct. By offering exams at the campus health center, sexual misconduct survivors can be in familiar surroundings with caring clinicians. Survivors can continue seeing a Student Health clinician for any other health exams as well, which allows for a continuum of care for the survivor that includes sensitivity to their experience.

  • Visits are confidential and a police report is not required for an exam
  • Most services are free and covered under the Oregon SAVE fund, a state fund that provides for some services for survivors of sexual assault
  • Forensic evidence can be collected within 120 hours of an assault. You do not need to make an immediate decision about making a police report. If you are undecided, forensic evidence can be collected anonymously. It will be turned over to the police department, where it will be stored. You can choose to make a police report at any point and if so the evidence will then be tested.
  • After 120 hours, the student health clinician will offer you medical services intended to ensure your safety and well-being.
  • The SANE program works with the Confidential Advocacy Program (CAP) at OHSU who are available to support you through the SANE process and ensure your access to support services.
  • If Student Health is closed, see "Off Campus" resources below.

Off Campus:

Outside of Student Health hours, sexual misconduct medical services can be accessed at any of the Portland area emergency rooms.

New Respect for All mobile app

OHSU has recently launched a Respect for All App that can provide customized resources for survivors who are OHSU employees or students, or for those looking to support a survivor.  Includes how to access confidential resources, and how to make a report.  You can download the "Respect for All" app in your app store, or visit the OHSU Respect for All website.